What is Mercury retrograde and how does it affect the signs in May and June?

The second mercury retrograde of 2022 already landed in Geminiand will be until June 3 on this sign, known as the one that governs communication and the mind, so thoughts can begin to fly.

The drama door will be open during these days, because Mercury it decides to circulate backwards instead of making its natural movement in the orbit, and to some signs it tends to make thoughts thicker and words less clear.

As the name implies, mercury retrograde It is the moment in which the planet decides to reverse its direction in the sky, therefore, at this freak It is called retrograde motion. So get ready to learn to count to 100 before speaking and avoid having your head focused on bad thoughts, because this phenomenon could bring back an ex asking for a relationship. second opportunity and it would not be a good time to make any decisions.

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How does Mercury retrograde affect zodiac signs?


The zodiac aries they will have a turbulence of thoughts, not recommended to make important decisions these days.


Mercury retrograde It will make them value their free time, but also learn to set limits on love in order to live productive relationships.


Imagination will fly these days for Geminis, so it is important to control jealousy and speculation.


Mercury retrograde It will bring patience and clarity to some issues that are pending.


The recommendation these days is to learn to be alone to bet on self-love before thinking about sharing life as a couple.


Thoughts of the past will collide these days, but the past will never be a good option for anyone.


It is time to embark on an adventure with a partner but setting limits from the beginning.


It is not advisable to bring up the past or reconnect again with a bond with someone who has already been part of our lives.


We must be careful with the adventurous thoughts that will be around these days so as not to make decisions that can later hurt us.


It is time to really know the heart of the other person to decide if you should be part and establish a love relationship.


The Aquarians of zodiac you will feel a connection with the sexuality during the passage of Mercury retrogradeso no opportunity should be missed.


It will be a time to meet someone interesting who, if appropriate, can establish a loving bond In our life.

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