What is Piccolo’s power with which he completely surpasses Goku

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was a success and Dragon Ball fans have been amazed to see the combat scenes and the new transformations that were incorporated into the official canon, with this we have also had a great debate about the transformation of Orange Piccolo and its true power.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that Piccolo’s strength seemed to have been insignificant until recently, but he may have always had techniques with which to overcome Goku. In Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball chapter 208, Piccolo is in the middle of his year-long training session with Gohan in preparation for the upcoming arrival of the evil Saiyan warriors, Nappa and Vegeta.

To help Gohan get stronger before learning martial arts techniques, Piccolo’s training consisted of two stages: leaving Gohan alone in the wild for the first six months, and then training him in combat for the last six months. In this chapter, Gohan is just beginning the first stage of Piccolo’s intense training, and at first, he’s not doing very well.

Throughout the day, Gohan was unable to find food or water and even got stuck on a narrow cliff where he was forced to sleep at night. Feeling sorry for the boy, Piccolo conjured new clothes, a sword, and a bunch of apples, ensuring his survival through the night and giving him the tools he needed to get through the next six months. This power could have been key at another time.

The biggest part of this chapter is the reveal that Piccolo can conjure items out of thin air with the wave of his hand, and that those items can range from protective gear to real food and weaponry. This power is extremely useful for the entire Z Fighters team, especially in a war scenario like the one they were about to face.

However, very rarely do we see him take advantage of this special ability that would put him on a par with other great warriors or allies. For example, for less physically capable fighters like Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and Bulma, Piccolo could conjure armor and weapons so they can protect themselves from any attacks and have the means to fight back. But, it seems that Akira Toriyama forgot about it in Dragon Ball Super and, in general, in the entire franchise.

Piccolo’s power would not only be useful during a battle, but also for the world around him at all times. The fact that he can create food out of thin air means he could single-handedly end world hunger, and his ability to conjure weapons means he could help defend the defenseless, which would be incredibly useful, especially in a world as violent as that of the Toriyama franchise.

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