What is the "doomsday plane" used by Vladimir Putin?

Last Monday (9), the world became aware of political movements in Russia due to the holiday of “Victory Day”, the date that marks the victory of the Soviet Union over Germany in World War II. The center of the news was a possible appearance of the Ilyushin Il-96, a presidential plane used by Vladimir Putin.

This plane, dubbed the “doomsday plane” is made based on the aforementioned wide-body Russian, the Ilyushin Il-96, which has sufficient size and autonomy for very long flights and the most varied activities from a political and military point of view. But, what is this aircraft? What’s so special about her?

Putin’s Doomsday Plane

The Ilyushin Il-96 is one of the largest aircraft ever designed by Russia. Similar in size to a Boeing 757, it has four jet engines that give it a top speed of 900 km/h. Its measurements are worthy of a passenger giant, measuring 55 meters in length and 60 meters in wingspan. In its commercial version, it can take up to 300 people.

Vladimir Putin in one of the lounges of his plane (Image: Handout/Courtesy Kremelin)

In the case of the model used by Vladimir Putin, there are a number of modifications to make it safer, more connected and, of course, comfortable. From his cabin, the Russian president can fire weapons from afar, start wars at any time, make video calls with other countries and, of course, have a little fun, as he is completely connected.

The model of the Ilyushin plane made for Putin is slightly different from the original (Image: Handout/Courtesy Kremelin)

For rest, the Russian representative has gyms, rooms, bathtubs and decompression rooms. The entire finish is very luxurious and refers to older times. In addition, all guests can enjoy the comfort of the aircraft.

Why did Putin “hide” his plane?

The option of not showing his presidential plane on Victory Day shows that the Russian president does not want to send more messages to the world at this time. An escalation in the war against Ukraine could be translated into a strong bellicose message, that the country would be prepared for a Third World War.

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