What is the limit for WhatsApp groups?

If you manage a company’s community and multiple chat groups to better interact with customers and consumers on social media, you’ve probably wondered what the limit for WhatsApp groups is. With that in mind, Canaltech has gathered this and other information for you; check it out below!

What is the WhatsApp group limit?

Currently, the limit of participants for a WhatsApp group is 256 people. In fact, it is a completely low number when compared to Telegram, which allows you to add at least 200 thousand people or, in the case of a channel, it is possible to have an unlimited number of subscribers.

Why is the limit 256?

There are some theories to reach this maximum number, such as, for example, a technical server limitation. If the number of group members is measured using 8 bits, the maximum number of possibilities that can be reached is 256, since 2^8 is equal to 256.

As in the past the limit was 100, it is possible that the number of bits was 7, since 2^7 is equal to 128. Therefore, to facilitate the process, it was limited to 100 and not 128. However, from now if that number goes up to 9 bits, you can expect an increase to 512 possibilities or 1024 to 10 bits.

Can this number increase?

There is a planned strategy to increase this maximum amount to 512 people. However, according to WhatsApp, this limit for groups will not be implemented before the 2022 Elections in Brazil, due to its long-term strategy.

In addition, WhatsApp aims to make it easy for users to manage multiple groups at the same time through Communities. While the feature is still being rolled out, it will allow you to bring multiple groups together in one place.

The goal is to make it easy to send announcements to all community members at once, making it ideal for those who manage multiple school groups, NGOs, and other institutions.

Do you have a minimum number of participants in a WhatsApp group?

In addition to a maximum limit, WhatsApp also imposes a minimum limit of two people for creating a group. It is possible to have a group with just yourself, just add two people to it and then remove the other person.

How many groups can I join WhatsApp?

Apparently, there is no set limit to how many groups you can join or create. The only limits imposed are the minimum and maximum.

How to create a WhatsApp group

  1. To create a group on WhatsApp, access the app and click on the icon in the lower right corner and select “New group”;
  2. Choose at least two people you want to put in the group and click on the little arrow to advance;
  3. Choose the group name and photo and confirm.
WhatsApp group limit is up to 256 people (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

Ready! From now on, you already know exactly what the limit for WhatsApp groups is, as well as you have important information on the subject.

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