What is the occupation of Germany’s gas system, near the beginning of winter

The economy minister of Germany, Robert Habeck, affirmed that the European country will go through the winter in a “comfortable” way, despite the lack of Russian gas due to the war in Ukraine. According to reports, the storage system is currently 90% full and it is expected to reach 95% by November, which will make it possible to go through the coldest part of the year without the need to import gas.

Klaus Müller, president of the German agency that regulates gas, electricity and telecommunications, said a few weeks ago that “if we have a cold winter, we are in trouble.”

From the Bundesnetzagentur, they maintain that if the winter is very cold there will be problems.

“In times like these, we have to show that we can plan, authorize and build much faster than we normally do in GermanyHabek said. Well, he pointed out that the construction of the liquefaction projects Wilhelmshaven and Brunsbuettel gas stations were examples of what could be done if you worked fast.

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