What is the Power Rangers curse and who are its victims?

After the death of Jason David Frank, interpreter of the character of Tommy Oliver in the ‘Power Rangers’ franchise, he is able to confirm that the saga of the colorful guardians is cursed.

Unfortunately, a list can be made with the names of the actors who have died and given life to the characters of this iconic saga.

Therefore, here at The Truth News We are going to tell you who have been the interpreters of the colorful heroes who have died after having played these roles.

What is the curse of The Power Rangers?

What is the Power Rangers curse and who are its victims?

The curse began with the death of Thuy Trang at the age of 27.

The Power Rangers They have been an action and science fiction saga that has been in force since its first generation born in the 90s, and have even released movies, and from offering viewers incredible battles with special effects and unmissable season finales and even competitions to know who is the red or pink ranger among children, has also left a series of unsolved mysteries involving the cast, something that would be natural given its longevity.

This curse encompasses many areas, from deaths of actors who played well-known characters, to scandals and prison terms.

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What actors have died after acting in The Power Rangers?

What is the Power Rangers curse and who are its victims?

The curse involves homicides, deaths, suicides and scandals

The deaths began with the actress who owns the Saber-Fang Tiger, after that, there were many shady events that involved the series that will be recalled below after Tommy’s death.

The actress of Vietnamese origin gave life to Triny, the yellow Ranger of the first generation of Power Rangers, died at the age of 27 after a car accident.

The actor who allegedly committed suicide after confessing that he had violent behavior that put his family at risk was Pua Magasiva, the Red Ranger from the Ninja Storm delivery, who was found dead in 2019 in a motel.

  • Petta Rutter/White Mystic Ranger

Died in 2010 two weeks after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Petta Rutter played the Mystic White Ranger in the Power Rangers Mystic Force saga.

  • Eric Frank/Power Rangers Zeo

Jason David Frank’s brother, Eric Frank died in 2001 from an illness that Jason never revealed to the public, he was part of Power Rangers Zeo and behind the scenes and in a series of episodes as an actor.

Robert Manahan was the voice of Zordon in the first installment of the saga and died in 2000 from a cardiac aneurysm.

He was an extra in the original Power Rangers series with Ernie, the owner of the Angel Groove soda fountain and murdered his partner on his yacht, he was sentenced to death.

  • Ricardo Medina Jr. / Red Ranger

The Red Ranger from Wild Force: Power Rangers, also an actor on CSI Miami and ER, also participated in Samurai, and spent six years in prison after stabbing his housemate with a sword from Conan the Barbarian, was released in the year 2020.

He played the bartender at Angel Groove, the soda fountain where the Rangers met, he died in 2008 from a heart attack.

During the first four seasons, the actor played the blue ranger, and it was explained that he came out of nowhere from the series that he went to the planet of the Alien Rangers to cure an illness that was impossible on Earth and decided to stay there, however the actor He left for discrimination due to his sexual orientation, which he has spoken about in therapy derived from abuse.

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