What is the reason why Spy × Family is the perfect series

Spy × Family is one of the most popular anime series today, and many of its fans are eager to see more of the popular fictional family, and the new episodes of Spy × Family will arrive on October 1, 2022 at Crunchyroll Streaming Platform.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that, what will bring one of the most interesting stories in anime back, is that it does many things that differentiate it, such as the representation of children, who have a vivid imagination, and can give rise to some of the best stories by their very nature.

Anya Forger, Lloyd Forger’s telepathic adoptive daughter, behaves exactly as a child her age would. Often in anime, she feels like the creators forget how children act and how her immaturity can affect her actions.

For example, from action series like Naruto or HUNTER x HUNTER where children have to face maturity like nothing happened or in The Promised Neverland they effortlessly plan and escape from an orphanage, committing arson.

When it comes to Anya from Spy × Family, her mannerisms and features are that of a child rather than a mini-adult. She is not surprised that her father is a high-ranking spy and even sees it as the longing with which a daughter could see her father. She is charming how she comes up with plans to help her family, but eventually everyone is frustrated by her childish behavior and her over-ambitiousness.

Details of Anya’s daily life also highlight her innocence, such as when she gets on the bus. Beyond the spy plot in the background, this is where this story shines the most. Similarly, the supporting characters of Spy × Family’s Eden Academy act with the same childlike charm (or distaste, depending on your point of view).

They say bad things to each other to hurt each other, make fun of their classmates and even resort to insults in some cases to be the “spearhead” of their group. Of these, the character who embodies the energy of a boy at school is Damian Desmond, the son of the famous politician whom Lloyd must hunt down.

Damian is obviously in love with Anya and teases her, trying (and failing) to hide his feelings for the girl. He doesn’t do it because he “wants to pretend not to be in love”, but because he doesn’t yet know how to deal with her own emotions. We see this process happening in real time.

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