What is the small lump that Covid vaccines cause?

Although it does not happen to all people, many of them have reported to doctors that after applying a Covd vaccine, a small lump appears near their neck, which disappears over time.

Based on the experience of some who have been vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna doses, it is now known to be axillary adenopathy.

Side effects of both vaccines are frequent: 85 percent are local reactions at the injection site and 75 percent are systemic reactions.

In fact, adenopathy is among the ten most common adverse effects of the COVID vaccine that the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) has registered and occurs in 8 percent of cases.

What is axillary adenopathy?

Adenopathy, also known as lymphadenopathy, is an inflammation of the nodes. Lymph nodes usually appear in areas with a higher concentration of lymph nodes, such as the occipital area and supraclavicular areas in the neck. However, they can also occur in the armpits and English.

Adenopathy can also occur in the lymph nodes under the lower jaw when we have an infected tooth or tooth, and this inflammation is an immune response to the entry of a foreign agent into the body, since the ganglion works to produce defenses .

The adenopathies do not represent greater severity than that of a temporary side effect, experts detail.

What is the origin of adenopathy?

Systemic infections are the most frequent causes of generalized adenopathies, being viral infections such as Epstein Barr virus, cytomegalovirus or toxoplasma the most frequent. (With information from El Financiero)

Other rare but relevant causes are miliary TB, HIV infection, syphilis in adolescents or congenital syphilis in infants.

However, these conditions can cause:

  • Lymph nodes of infectious origin are usually soft, fluctuating, and not attached to deep planes, painful on palpation, and the superficial skin erythematous and hot.
  • The neoplastic ones are hard, adhered to deep planes, they do not usually hurt on palpation.
  • Some can fistulize, being frequent in those of tubercular origin or by mycobacteria.

Other than adenopathy, what side effects does the vaccine cause vs. COVID?

The most frequent symptoms after vaccinating against COVID are:

  • Pain in the arm where the vaccine was given
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain in general
  • adenopathy
  • Pyrexia

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