What Juric wants from the transfer market: the coach’s requests

Midfielder: the signing is a must and it will be especially with the departure of Lukic. And on the tip the Croatian’s ideas are clear

Apparently he is less combative than a year ago or, better, in his public statements he has become more philosophical and less direct, even if when Juric does not control himself, the sentence escapes. After the match against Roma, angry and regretful for a vanishing victory, he made a clear reference to the transfer market and who should take care of it, highlighting how much weight he had in that match (not the only one) not being able to have the right substitutions. But there are ideas in the coach’s head, very clear. She knows what he would like from his team, she knows what he would like from his club. If the January market isn’t the best window to buy, it’s true that the Croatian hopes there will be great attention at least on occasions.

Praet enters, but if Lukic leaves…

On a certain type of player, on a role in particular, Juric has largely unbalanced. The midfielder. Pobega is not never been replacednot qualitatively but not quantitatively either. Two midfielders have left, the Rossoneri and Mandragora, only Ilkhan has arrived, clearly not ready. Could Praet solve this problem? In part, because he is not that physical and structured player that Juric would like. However, the possible departure of Lukic already in January would make at least that graft necessary, in order not to impoverish a median already reduced to the bone from the summer session.

A tip in case of departures (or occasions)

After all, when the Belgian arrived a year ago there was doubt he could serve Juric as a midfielder as well as being a playmaker. And for the other departments? The coach was clear about the attacker: yes, but only if the quality rises. Translated: not so much bets or players to wean (because they would be ready not before the summer). Of course, if something were to move at the exit, for example if Sanabria were to go away, then obviously it would be a must for Vagnati to buy at least a bit. Because it’s okay to decide not to do who knows what operation, but not to weaken.

David Vagnati
David Vagnati

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