What opposition profile?

The bottle caps are there, launched, even from now on, in the repeated non-campaign, they face rulings from the Electoral Tribunal. Just yesterday, the body pointed out that both claudia sheinbaum What Marcelo Ebrard They violated principles of fairness and impartiality by attending campaign events in the days prior to last June’s election. There is no sanction, but this is a warning, without a doubt, to the magnifying glass that will sharpen its increase as 2024 approaches. Next year’s election will come as a new opportunity to feed the Morenista cause with a view to what will happen in two years .

If something is evident, it is that Morena is at the forefront in the successor path. We insist: there is no figure in the opposition busy growing his image. A Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas, Mayor of Monterrey, he is placed in the spotlight more for wishful thinking, which represents the brand Colosium, that for a real intention of the young politician, although within the Citizen Movement there is no one else with fresh grass and willing to grow. The acting governors emanating from that party carry enough mistakes, a task impossible to reverse. Enrique Alfaro Y Samuel Garciafor example, have traced their actions in the face of crises such as that generated by femicides, a cause that will definitely be an electoral factor.

National Action has Ricardo Anaya, who does not give up Every Monday, punctual, at seven in the morning he publishes his video and message with which he tries to appear as a “necessary” counterweight. The result of his strategy does not overwhelm a sense of success, for now, little by little he has stopped making headlines. He perhaps remains in the memes, which are far from becoming, in his case, a vehicle of popularity. He suffers from the same Alexander Moreno, leader of the PRI, who understands the charge against him because he assumes himself as a real threat to leadership. Mirages…

There are figures who have already spoken of their intention to occupy a space in the 2024 electoral contest on the opposition side. Lilly Tellez He did it last February during a Spaces conversation on Twitter. The current senator for the PAN has not rested in pointing out the failures of the 4T that made her leave her ranks.

And it seems that, in the face of this absence, there are those who have already heard and understood this alert. Yesterday, the uncovering starred Beatrice Paredes, The PRI senator is excited about the project she hopes to build to be the inevitable piece before the alliance that will seek to fight Morena. she told it Martha Anaya in his column in El Heraldo: “I have had experience in delicate moments of national life…”, he referred in the words of the former governor of Tlaxcala. And in that, the same Walls remember, as described: it was part of the first episode of democratic alternation in the country, that of 2000, that is a guarantor for a National Action and even for a small PRD, both know that they urgently need a figure with more qualities than weights in the back. And those are the profiles that the opposition must feed, if what it wants is to be competitive in the configuration of a campaign led by a character capable of putting up a fight in defense of the institutional arms of the State, an issue that will make a difference with the party that today already deals with the succession.

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