What Rocío Oliva is doing one year after the death of Diego Maradona

Rocío Oliva came back to surprise. A year after the death of Diego Maradona, her former partner, the blonde chose to give great personal news.

Oliva announced his candidacy for the elections in River Plate, club of his loves. The news did not go down well with many Diego Maradona fans, since he did it on the eve of the first anniversary of his death, this November 25.

In the midst of this special moment, the last couple of El Diez was launched as a sports policy and was added to the list Frente Unidos por River Plate, led by the surgeon Carlos Trillo and the businessman Matías Barreiro, who seek to become President of the club in the next December 4 elections.

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“I am very happy to announce that I am on the list of Frente Unidos x River Plate led by Carlos Trillo with a view to the next elections on December 4,” Oliva wrote in a post published on her Instagram account.

For her part, Trillo received her with another message on the net: “Welcome Rocío Oliva to Frente Unidos x River! A pleasure to add a former player of the club who works day by day for the development of women’s football.”

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