What Sebastián Yatra said about his supposed romance with Aislinn Derbez

Instagram photo: @sebastianyatra //@aislinnderbez)
Instagram photo: @sebastianyatra //@aislinnderbez)

Since Aislinn Derbez confirmed her bachelorhood He has faced love scandals with some celebrities from the international art world. Although she tried to take care of all her publications on social networks and appearances in front of the media, she could not avoid unleashing rumors about an alleged courtship with nothing more and nothing less than Sebastian Yatrathe Colombian artist who, at only 28 years old, is breaking it with his songs.

The interpreter of Red high heels Y how to look at you had a meeting with the media after the Latin Gammy 2022. Not even his pink sweatshirt and his team could prevent him from being questioned about his alleged affair with Eugenio Derbez’s eldest daughter, who is happily single after her controversial divorce from Mauricio Ochmann and her fleeting relationship with Jonathan Kubben.

This photograph sparked rumors.  (Photo: Instagram)
This photograph sparked rumors. (Photo: Instagram)

Without going into details, he assured that all the rumors are false, because in reality he has a beautiful friendship with the actress, whom he considers extraordinary. He did not comment further on the matter, but defended Aislinn by saying that he will be very happy with anyone he decides to have a love relationship with.

It’s not true, but if I had it, it would be the best. we are just friendsI really like her, she is an extraordinary girl and surely with whom he will be very happy.

Sebastián Yatra’s statement connected with what was said by the protagonist of to the bad during a meeting with the media in Spain, where they allegedly spent time together. On that occasion, she was surprised when she heard the name of her friend as “her boyfriend”, because she assured that she has been single for about a year and is happier than ever.

What romance? I’m happy single and don’t date me right now until next year. No man, how do they invent! (Sebastián Yatra) is my friend.

I’m open (to love) to some extent because I’m enjoying being single too much; so, so you say ‘how urgent it is for me to have a boyfriend!’, well no, but I think next year, since I have enjoyed my bachelorhood enough. In one of those I already open up more, but Give me a chance to be there single, I can go out, I can have fun, no strings attached”, he commented.

The actress was born on March 18, 1986;  she is currently 36 years old.  (Photo Instagram: @aislinnderbez)
The actress was born on March 18, 1986; she is currently 36 years old. (Photo Instagram: @aislinnderbez)

In this way, both artists ended the speculation of a romance that excited their fans for a while.

On the other hand, Sebastián Yatra confessed that he was very flattered by the special dance that Anitta dedicated to him during his presentation at the Latin Grammy 2022. And it is that during a moment of the show the singer approached him to bring out his best dance steps.

“Anitta is the best, she is fun. I felt very flattered, I was like that [bailando]. I was the envy of many who were in my row and that he was dressed in black, he was well seated, well located, ”he said.

Finally, he applauded his compatriot, Maluma, for his participation in one of the official themes of the World Cup Qatar 2022: “Spectacular, representing Colombia and Latinos”.

The collaboration that Maluma did with Nicki Minaj and Myriam Fares, tukoh takapremiered just hours before the opening amid scandal because many singers such as Shakira and Dua Lipa refused to participate due to human rights and strict Qatari laws.

“To me, the whole issue that they do not treat women well or people equally hurts me a lot and I hope that we will improve it,” Yatra commented.


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