What should you keep in mind for a successful video call?

Nowadays, video calls have been consolidated as a communication alternative for work, study and even a meeting with family or friends.

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Aware of this reality, realme, the fastest growing smartphone and gadget company in the world, has prepared a list of recommendations that you must take into account to make a successful video call. Take note of these realmetips.

Use a smartphone with large RAM

This feature should be one of the most important to take into account, since it is important that your mobile has a good RAM memory capacity that will allow a better operation of the applications, a more efficient navigation, among other benefits. Thinking about it, realme has entered the national market its realme 8 5G, a device that has the quality of generating virtual RAM by transforming its available internal memory according to the needs of the user.

Choose between using Wi-Fi or data plan

Remember that, in order to have a successful communication, you must take into account your connection. In that sense, if there are many people connected to a Wi-Fi network or it is very unstable, it is best to opt for your data plan.

Your smartphone must have a good processor

Like RAM, your device must have a powerful processor that will make installed apps run without any mishap. Realme smartphones, like the realme 7i, are equipped with a powerful Snapdragon 662 octa-core processor, capable of running games and video calls with ease. Plus, it comes with excellent power consumption control.

Good camera

This requirement must be one of the most important for making video calls. And it is that, it depends on how you will see yourself on the other side of the screen. Today, brands like realme, which promotes the democratization of technology, offers affordable equipment and super powerful cameras capable of capturing everything and in the best way. For example, the realme 7Pro has a 32 MP wide angle camera; this, in addition to a 64 MP Sony Quadruple Camera.

High definition display

A screen with high resolution and definition will allow you to see and connect to your video calls without any problem and in high quality. Taking this into account, realme has devices equipped with impressive 6.5-inch screens, such as the realme C11, which also has a 20: 9 screen ratio, ideal for video calls and vertical content on social networks.

Powerful battery

What would a phone be without a good battery? Smartphones should give you many hours of guaranteed connection. Therefore, a large capacity battery must be essential to be able to connect with friends, colleagues and others. The realme C21Y, not only has a 5000 mAh battery, but it is equipped with the superior energy saving mode that allows you to feel confident if you do not fully charge its battery; Well, even if you have 5% available, you can use WhatsApp for up to 85 minutes this function.

Good headphones

For a complete video calling experience, a good headset should not be missing. And what better than to use ones that contain, among their multiple functions, noise cancellation. Thus, the realme Buds Q2 are lightweight and comfortable wireless headphones that guarantee up to 20 hours of connection with excellent audio quality. Another TWS accessory that you can also support yourself with is the realme Buds Air 2, these gadgets have an updated R2 chip that intelligently cancels noise and generates a stable connection. In addition, they have dual microphones for better sound pickup.

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