What stocks to buy and sell according to analysts right now?

When deciding on an investment, you can follow the indications that come from the graphical analysis rather than from the fundamental analysis, the prospects of a very high dividend yield rather than the recommendations of the analysts.

Whatever the decision made, the investor must be aware of the risk inherent in the equity investment and, above all, that it is compatible with their risk profile.

Today we want to answer the question which stocks to buy and sell according to analysts right now. As a parameter to rank the different stocks, we used the potential undervaluation compared to the average target price set by analysts.

The first place in this special ranking is occupied by the SECO title followed by Danieli and Stellantis. Within the top ten positions, then, we also find the Tamburi Investment Partners stock which at present sees an undervaluation of over 60%. The interesting thing, however, is the dispersion of the 5 different recommendations of the analysts. This parameter, which represents how much the different judgments are in agreement, is less than 5%. An excellent value that gives strength to the average target price and, therefore, to the estimated undervaluation.

What stocks to buy and sell according to analysts right now?

The title Tamburi Investment Partners (MIL: TIP) closed the session on 19 September at € 7.12, down by 0.70% compared to the previous session.

At present, the current projection on the stock is bearish (solid line) and has reached its maximum bearish extension in the 7.19 euro area. It is interesting to note that this support area had already triggered a resumption of the upside in the past. At these levels, therefore, a bullish reversal could be possible with high probability. In this case, the most probable target could go to the 8.3 euro area. An indication in this sense could be had with a daily closing higher than 7.51 euros. If then this resistance were to yield, then the prices could move towards the other objectives indicated in the figure by the dotted line.

The worst scenario for the bulls could be the one that sees the 8.3 euro area not yield, as has already happened in the past, causing a bearish acceleration.

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