What the partial mobilization announced by Vladimir Putin implies

The Russian president gave a speech on Wednesday morning in which he announced, among other things, a partial mobilization.

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LRussian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced a “partial mobilization” of Russians of fighting age, paving the way for a major escalation in the conflict in Ukraine.

“I consider it necessary to support the (Ministry of Defense) proposal for the partial mobilization of citizens in reserve, those who have already served and have relevant experience,” Putin said in a recorded televised address.

This partial mobilization is effective from this Wednesday.

Putin also accuses the West of wanting to “weaken and destroy” Russia and to turn the Ukrainians into “cannon fodder”, further indicates the Tass news agency. According to the Russian president, the West does not want a peaceful solution in Ukraine and has pressured kyiv to take up arms.

Russia is ready to use “all its means” of defense, including nuclear, to “protect” itself, finally warned the Russian president.

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