What the second mini feature update brings to Windows 11

What the second mini feature update brings to Windows 11

Microsoft describes the second moment update for Windows 11 version 22H2 as a “major update that makes everyday life easier”. We consider the new features.

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Thorsten Huebner

Windows 11 is not only supposed to get a major feature update every fall, but since version 22H2 there have also been “Moments” every now and then – that’s what Microsoft calls new features that simply come to the PC via regular updates. The first time this happened shortly after the release of version 22H2 in autumn 2022.

The second function pack has been available since the beginning of March 2023. The new features are in the optional cumulative update KB5022913 from February 28th, which raises the build number of the system to 22621.1344.

And because the updates are cumulative, i.e. always contain all previous changes, those who ignore optional updates will also get the changes – only a little later, in this case on March 14th, Microsoft’s March patch day.

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