What the six new women say who accuse Nicolas Hulot of sexual assault

Caresses or kisses by surprise, attempted forced fellatio … In an episode of “Special Envoy” then by mail, six women testified against Nicolas Hulot for acts – prescribed – which would have taken place between 1989 and 2008.

The versions are opposed. On the one hand, women accuse Nicolas Hulot of rape and sexual assault. On the other hand, the former minister fiercely denies the facts. For the second time, this figure of ecology is confronted with testimonies and denounces a “lynching”.

The first part dates from 2018 with the publication in the magazine Ebdo – since disappeared – of an investigation titled “The Nicolas Hulot affair”. The journalists revealed there the filing of a complaint for rape in 2008 by Pascale Mitterrand, granddaughter of the former President of the Republic, against the one who was then Minister of Ecology. Referring to facts dating from 1997, this procedure was dismissed.

In an episode of Special Envoy broadcast this Thursday on France 2, four other women in turn accused the former presenter of Ushuaia. Two others sent written testimonies, broadcast on the France Télévisions site in parallel with the program. Even before the broadcast of the show, Nicolas Hulot had taken the lead and denounced on BFMTV “purely false statements”: “These facts never existed”.

· 1989: “He forces me to give him a blowjob”

At 16, Sylvia is a fan of Nicolas Hulot, with whom she shares the values ​​of protecting the environment and the planet. One morning, she sends a letter to the presenter of Ushuaia, who also hosts the Antipodes program on France inter. To her surprise, her letter did not remain unanswered: Nicolas Hulot invited her to attend his radio program on May 27, 1989. She went there and, at the end of the program, finally spoke to him. that she admires.

“He takes me for breakfast in a cafe,” she recounts. The two discuss, then comes the moment when Nicolas Hulot offers to accompany her by car to a metro station in Paris. “When saying goodbye to me, he asks me to kiss him on the neck, and I don’t know why, I do it”, explains Sylvia in the survey carried out by our colleagues.

“He restarts the car without saying anything (…) then stops in an overhead parking lot,” she continues. “There, he takes out his penis, takes my hand, asks me if I’m used to it, I tell him no. I remove my hand several times. He forces me to give him a blowjob, which I do not do. not really because I think I’m paralyzed. “

Frozen but also stunned, Sylvia does not understand what is happening: “I wonder if that’s what a romantic relationship … As I’m a fan of him, I can not tell myself that what is happening is wrong. I’ll think about it very quickly, but not there, not in the car. “
According to his story, Nicolas Hulot then brings her back in front of a metro entrance and drops a sentence that remains engraved in his memory today: “Make up yourself a little because we see that you have done things.”

In a letter addressed to France Télévisions, host Maureen Dor explains having written to the star host in 1989 when she was only 18 years old. Like Sylvia, the young woman is surprised to receive an answer from the one she admires and who offers to meet her in a hotel in Brussels, Belgium. She says she was quickly invited by Nicolas Hulot to his room, where he is to be interviewed by journalists.

“Immediately, here he jumps on me and tries to kiss me,” says Maureen Dor. “I push him away, astonished and frightened, making this naive remark to him: ‘But you have a wife!’ and him to answer me that it has nothing to do and that I will be a ‘parenthesis’ “.

The young Belgian is saved by a call from the reception of the hotel which informs Nicolas Hulot that she is expected for a meeting. “And it is because of what will follow that I think that my testimony is worth nothing: I went back there. When we were in the hotel lobby, he had offered to go to dinner with him. and friends of his, and I accepted. Despite what had just happened, I still wanted to go to dinner with him, fascinated by the guy, “she says.

A young woman, who works at TF1, says that in the early 1990s she crossed paths with Nicolas Hulot during a meeting that brought together several employees. She was then 23 years old. Later that same day, he calls her back to invite her to lunch, she says.

“He told me that he had a good time and grabbed my hand to pin it on his pants, at the level of his penis at the start of his erection,” wrote this woman in a letter to France Televisions.

The young woman rejects him, a little mockingly, and tells “the incident” to her superior. “He is surprised by the gesture (…) A few days later, my boss summons me to his office. He shows me a fax sent by Patrick Le Lay (at the time CEO of TF1, died in 2020, Editor’s note) . This is none other than a letter from Nicolas Hulot to Patrick Le Lay denigrating the work I do on his show and asking for measures to be taken to remedy it. “

Supported by her boss, the young woman says she has not suffered further consequences of her refusal and has never heard of this case again.

“If I write today, it is not out of appeasement or revenge. On the other hand, I wish to give my support to the women who have perhaps been more affected than me and who have the courage to testify openly They have all my admiration, “she said.

· 1998: “He touches my breasts, the crotch”

Nine years later, it is in Moscow, Russia, that Nicolas Hulot is implicated. That year, Cécila was 23 years old and was contracted for the French Embassy in Moscow. One day, she was rushed to the city airport to sort out an issue involving the presenter ofUshuaia: his filming equipment is blocked at customs.

Cécile solves the case. She says she was then invited by the environmentalist, with her entire team, to dinner. “Then he offers a drink in town. He offers me a white martini, tells me I’m beautiful …”

Embarrassed, the young woman decides to go home. “Unfortunately, he does the same. So we take a taxi together and in the car, he tells me that he can help me get a job at TF1. I say no thank you. So he puts his hand on my thigh. I remove it, he insists and throws himself on me. He tries to kiss me, he touches my breasts, the crotch. I struggle, I even hit him in the face “, says Cécile who claims to have expressed a “not very clear”.

Assuring to have undergone inappropriate gestures, however, she confides that she never considered filing a complaint. “Against a friend of Jacques Chirac, how to do?”, She breathes.

· 2001: “He kissed me full on the mouth”

A third woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, reports behavior that allegedly took place in 2001, while working with Nicolas Hulot on the show Ushuaia. During a work meeting, his supervisor at the time allegedly forced a kiss on him.

“We were just the two of us. At the end, I get up to say hello and he kisses me full on the mouth. By surprise. It wasn’t a light kiss, he took my head and kissed me. full mouth. He jumped on me as if I were at his disposal. I stepped back suddenly and fled, “she says.

Shocked by this event, this young mother at the time could not afford to leave her post. She says she then received a message in the wake, which ends up chilling her blood: “I am not writing to apologize but to regret not having had more.”

· 2008: “He tried to kiss me”

Environmental activist Claire Nouvian takes part in a filming ofUshuaia in Costa Rica in 2008 with Nicolas Hulot. Before leaving, The presenter’s “political entourage” warns her “to avoid situations alone with him”. If she ensures that no inappropriate gesture was made during the filming, she evokes a “puzzling behavior” a few years later.

“We had lunch at his place and he tried to kiss me, it was completely irrelevant. There is clearly a dysfunction in his relationship with women, there is a lot of consumption, a lot of young girls who go to the pan. . As long as it is between consenting adults ok, but if it were not more serious we would not be talking about it today “, she comments.

For all these women, the facts they denounce are time-barred and cannot be the subject of any legal proceedings.

Amber Lepoivre BFMTV reporter

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