What the women say who accuse Nicolas Hulot of sexual assault in “Special Envoy”

“Special Envoy” aired this Thursday evening, November 25, a documentary in which several women testify against Nicolas Hulot, and accused him of sexual assault. Solicited by the program, the former minister did not wish to answer questions from journalists from France 2. The day before, Wednesday November 24, the former Minister of Ecological Transition however spoke on BFMTV to defend himself against to new rape charges, which he denies, and announce his withdrawal from “public life”.

Sylvia: “He forces me to give him a blowjob”

What do the women who have testified to our confreres tell us? In the program “Special Envoy”, the first woman to testify, with her face uncovered, says her name is Sylvia. She claims to have been sexually assaulted by Nicolas Hulot in 1989. At the time, she had just turned 16, he was 34 years old.

According to the account given by the alleged victim, she contacted Nicolas Hulot via a radio competition and was invited to the radio station on May 27, 1989, in a letter signed by the host himself. . She goes there and is invited to a breakfast with the host at the end of the show. When breakfast ends, Nicolas Hulot offers to take her back to a metro station by car so that she can go home, in the Parisian suburbs.

« In the car, he asks me to kiss him on the neck. I kiss her on the neck. I do not know why. As I’m kissing, I kiss her on the neck », She begins.

« He asks me if I had dreamed of it (of what just happened). I don’t make a sentence. We’re going to a parking lot. He undoes his pants, he takes out his penis. He takes my hand. He asks me if I have ever done it with boys. I know that several times I get back to my seat. I had a moment of incomprehension. He forces me to give him a blowjob, which I don’t really do. I have never done it. I don’t know what he wants. Since I’m a fan of him, I can’t tell myself that what is happening must not happen She adds.

« I remember to make it stop I kiss her lower stomach, cause I know I’m stuck […] He told me a sentence that still haunts me: “Put on your makeup a little, we see that you have done things”. I wonder what happened. The same day, I have no answer », Continues Sylvia who makes the choice« to hide Which just happened.

As our colleagues point out, the facts that Sylvia describes are unverifiable. They would have taken place 30 years ago and are therefore prescribed. ” I have no proof Sylvia admits.

Cécile: “He throws himself on me, tries to kiss me”

Cécile claims, with her face uncovered, to have been sexually assaulted by Nicolas Hulot in September 1998. ” I was 23 », She specifies.

On a mission to the French Embassy in Moscow, she meets Nicolas Hulot after helping him resolve a situation with Russian customs. To thank her, Nicolas Hulot invites her to his hotel for dinner with his team. After dinner, he offers a drink in town in a “very select” Moscow nightclub.

« Nicolas Hulot offers me a white martini », She remembers. After a remark that she does not appreciate, she wishes to return and finds herself sharing a taxi with Nicolas Hulot. ” In the car he starts talking to me […] He becomes enterprising. He said to me: “if you want, I can help you get a job at TF1”. I tell him “no”. He puts his hand on my thigh. I repeat “no”, I shift my hand. He insists. And he insists. Afterwards, it’s no longer the hand on the thigh, he throws himself on me, tries to kiss me, touches my breasts, the crotch. I struggle. I pushed him away, hit him in the face », She explains.

« Have you considered filing a complaint “Asks the journalist? ” In Russia ? In Moscow ? Against a friend of President Chirac? No never, quips the alleged victim. The question did not even arise. He is a friend of Jacques Chirac. All requests come from the Elysée. Of course not “.

In voice off, the journalists of “Special Envoy” specify having “verified the information that Cécile gave. Nicolas Hulot was indeed blocked at the Moscow customs in September 1998. The French Embassy did intervene ”.

“The slap would have gone if there hadn’t been this report of subordination”

Facing the camera, Claire, an environmental activist and specialist in the abyss, participated in an episode of Ushuaia in 2008 off the coast of Costa Rica. If she keeps a good memory of this experience, she confides to have been warned by an entourage ” Politics “ not to be alone with Nicolas Hulot. She does not mention any inappropriate gesture during the filming but evokes a puzzling behavior a few years later, following a work meeting. “We had lunch together, we went to his place for a coffee and when it was time to leave he tried to kiss me. I told him : “Nicolas, what is this thing? It’s as if your cameraman is kissing me », she says today to the film crew.

Another testimony is filmed anonymously, and is presented as a former collaborator. A woman, blurred on camera, recalls shocking behavior from the former presenter and evokes abuse of power.

The story dates back to September 2001. ” He kisses me full on the mouth at the end of a meeting. It’s not by force, it’s by surprise. It’s very shocking […] I tell him no, I step back and I go. I think the slap would be gone, if there wasn’t this relationship of subordination ».

Shocked, she claims to have taken her things and gone. A single mother, she explains that she did not react for fear of putting her career in danger. Subsequently, she would have informed him that he was not “Not possible” that there is a relationship between the two of them. Later, he left her a message: “I’m not calling to apologize but to regret not having had more” ”.

Hulot “annihilated”

Contacted by “Special Envoy”, Nicolas Hulot refused to answer, as did his lawyers. However, France 2 filmed a brief telephone exchange between the former minister and Elise Lucet on November 9. He denies any unwanted relationship. Calling himself “devastated”, he says he does not want to “defend himself” because in the movement for the liberation of women’s speech, his speech “is in fact suspect”. “The media trial is done in advance. What weight will my word have in the current context? He adds.

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All the alleged facts presented in this report are time-barred. Nicolas Hulot remains presumed innocent, underlines “Special Envoy”.

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