What the young SPÖ has against Alexander van der Bellen

Elias Wehinger guest at “Vorarlberg LIVE”.

Young socialist Elias Wehinger explained on Friday at “Vorarlberg LIVE” why the young SPÖ has a problem with Alexander van der Bellen and why he thinks Marco Pogo is serious.

Elias Wehinger from the young SPÖ Vorarlberg does not like the fact that the SPÖ in Austria has already decided in favor of the incumbent Alexander Van der Bellen as the preferred candidate for the upcoming federal presidential election. He considers Marco Pogo, founder of the so-called beer party, to be a very serious candidate who can definitely be dealt with. “He proved that in Vienna. By the way, it’s supposed to be a little fun,” says Wehinger.

Alexander Van der Bellen became increasingly discouraged during his tenure. “In 2019 he showed how the Federal President should act in a crisis, a year and a half later it was different with the ÖVP crisis.” He didn’t like the fact that the incumbent hadn’t even considered deposing the government. At the moment, he certainly doesn’t know who he’ll vote for in the elections, the young socialist admitted. With the change to Karl Nehammer as Federal Chancellor, the Kurz system has not yet disappeared

It is not enough just to find clear words in the context of festivals, added Wehinger.

disgusted with politicians

The young socialist on VorarlberLIVE said about the situation of the SPÖ in the country and their huge noise a year ago: “Gabi (note: Sprickler-Falschlunger) said at the time that rest was needed now. And she actually ensured calm. We would be in the event of one well positioned for early elections.”

Moderator Birgit Entner-Gerhold asked Wehinger who he could imagine as the successor candidate to Sprickler-Falschlunger, who announced that she would not remain in office much longer. “I can’t name a specific person yet,” the JUSO replied.

Wehinger does not believe that the younger generation is disenchanted with politics. “She is disgusted with politics, but not disaffected with politics,” he is convinced.

The whole show from Friday

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