What to do if you can’t stop thinking? here some tips

That work that was left unfinished, that discussion that ended badly or day-to-day concerns, is something that can become an uncomfortable situation for some people, to the point of not being able to concentrate on their daily chores and not being able to To fall asleep. Have you noticed the impact of your thoughts on your emotions?

the psychologist He comments that on many occasions his patients have told him that they have situations that overwhelm them, that they cannot avoid overthinking and this becomes a bad habit from which they will most likely leave physically and emotionally tired.

Although there is no magic formula, what does help is to be more aware of your thoughts, learn to question them, exercise, stay present and practice. the meditation. Do not forget that everything requires practice and patience.

The reality is that it is not possible to stop thinking, just as we cannot stop breathing. However, there are ways to learn and identify thoughts to get out of that loop in which you may be stuck:

1.- share what happens to you with another person:

In this way you avoid getting locked up in thought and by the way you have another point of view.

2.- Write on a piece of paper how you feel:

It is super useful to let off steam and generates a lot of relief. In addition, it gives you another perspective of things by seeing them captured on paper.

3.- Distract yourself:

Do your favorite hobby, go out with friends, write, draw and paint. Use your hands and your imagination to make something from scratch. Creativity can maximize your well-being and give you positive feelings.

If you feel that there is no way to stop these thoughts, another excellent and very effective tool is meditation. It is a way of training the mind to learn to be more present, to relax and not be overwhelmed by thoughts.

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