What to do if you think you’ve suffered a savage bite during a festive event?

Filing a complaint, taking charge, toxicological examination… BFMTV.com explains the procedure to follow.

Concerts, nightclubs, festivals… for several months, hundreds of cases of suspicious bites have been reported during festive events in France. According to an initial police report published on June 16 and revealed by Le Figaromore than 800 complaints were filed.

This phenomenon, which is increasing, can be worrying. Here’s what to do if you think you’ve been the victim of a needlestick attack.

・Notify loved ones

If you spot a bite on your body during the event, it is necessary to immediately notify your relatives or the people who are with you. In fact, if the injection contains a toxic product, the drug should not be given time to act because you could lose your lucidity and no longer be able to seek help.

If possible, then note the time of discovery and, if the bite mark is visible, take a photo. This could serve as proof.

· Filing a complaint

The important thing is to act as quickly as possible. First to avoid the disappearance of evidence but also to avoid the risk of infection or that the potential substance injected has time to take effect.

If your condition does not require immediate medical care, you must go to the police station or gendarmerie to file a complaint. Indeed, sometimes the testimonies evoke a state of weakness, unconsciousness and episodes of anxiety attacks. However, it is difficult to dissociate the effects of a bite from those of substances, such as alcohol, ingested upstream by the victims or from the stress caused by the discovery of the bite.

Perform a toxicological examination

When filing a complaint, you will take toxicological samples. This is a broad analysis that looks for many different substances that could be on or in the syringe. Indeed, there is a mystery surrounding the product that is injected since in almost all cases, no substance of toxic products is found, which in particular complicates the work of law enforcement.

It is recommended to do this test quickly since some substances disappear quickly. This is particularly the case for GHB, which disappears after six to eight hours in the blood after infection. Usually, you will also be given preventive treatment for liver and HIV. Indeed, in the event of a bite, there may be a risk of being contaminated by a viral infection.

If the victim does not wish to file a complaint, she must still go to an emergency department to take these examinations.

Prevent event structure

Then, it is strongly recommended to inform the structure of the event where the aggression took place. This will allow them to be more vigilant and this warning may help other potential victims.

The Ministry of the Interior reminds that for any question, those concerned can contact the emergency service “Drogue Info Service”, available 7 days a week, from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. This call to 0 800 23 13 13 is anonymous and free.

Finally, if you witness a sting attack, it is necessary to accompany the victim. If she is conscious, follow the above procedure. If not, call the emergency services directly.

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