What to plant in August and September? 5 ideal plants for the garden at home

If you have a garden at home and you don’t know what to plant during the month of August and septemberyou are in luck, well, here we will tell you what are the floors perfect for this season of the year, take note!

In The Truth News We reveal that having a space dedicated to cultivation at home makes you more sustainable and adds a recreational green space to your home that also benefits the environment.

We recently told you what plants need according to their leaves, but now, we will go further and reveal which are the most recommended for sowing in summer.

Garden at home: plants to plant in August and September

What to plant in August and September?  5 ideal plants for the garden at home

Spinach. Photo: elliving.flat.mx

Next, we give you the list of vegetables that are most favored by the summer climate, so take note and get down to the garden!

It is very favored by the August climate, therefore, do not waste time and plant it.

The last weeks of summer are perfect for this vegetable, therefore, we recommend you sow them in September, yes, remember that you must do so leaving spaces of 20 to 30 centimeters between each one and that they are grown in rows.

The September weather is perfect for this vegetable, we suggest you get ready and have everything ready for planting.

If you love salads, take advantage of August and September to plant lettuce, so you will always have plenty of them and you will always eat them fresh.

The month of September is ideal to sow the radish plant, its growth is fast, so when you least expect it you will be harvesting them and serving them in your pozole.

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What vegetables can be grown at home?

Next, we give you a list of vegetables that you can plant in your urban garden, they are delicious and easy to grow:

  1. Tomatoes
  2. Domestic
  3. carrots
  4. eggplants
  5. cucumbers
  6. sweet peppers
  7. radishes
  8. lettuce

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