What to remember from the talks between Emmanuel Macron and the leaders of political parties

Emmanuel Macron is at an impasse. The Head of State has resigned himself to receiving several leaders of opposition parties on Tuesday June 21 and Wednesday June 22 after the legislative elections on Sunday and the relative majority which was timidly granted to him by the French. To govern Emmanuel Macron will have to make a pact. A look back at this first day of negotiations at the Élysée.

Christian Jacob got the ball rolling. The boss of the Republicans, who will leave the head of the party “in the next few days”assured after his interview with the Head of State to refuse any “logic of pact”. According to his report, Emmanuel Macron “listened” but “there were no offers”.

With 64 newly elected deputies in the Assembly (including the UDI), the right could be a potential ally for the president. But Christian Jacob does not see it that way. “I repeated to the president that it was out of the question for us to enter into what could be a betrayal of our voters. We have campaigned in opposition, we remain in the opposition of determined but responsible matter”said the boss of the LR while assuring that if the government asks for confidence, they would not vote for it.

After these legislative elections, a new Republic was born

Succeeding him, the socialist Olivier Faure explained to Emmanuel Macron that the socialists were “willing” at ” to advance “ if the government took measures on purchasing power, in particular an increase in the minimum wage to 1,500 euros and an increase in retirement pensions. On all these proposals, if Emmanuel Macron wants to apply them, ” we will be there “said Olivier Faure. “Now we need something concrete on the table, the French want to be able to live, it’s as simple as that”he added.

“We will judge by piece”

The boss of the MoDem, François Bayrou, pillar of the majority, for his part called for “to come as close as possible to national unity”. “It is by working together as much as possible in respectful, open debates – even if they are heated – that we will basically do what the citizens expect of us”further argued the centrist leader.

It was then Marine Le Pen who arrived at the Élysée. By creating the surprise with the election of 89 deputies to the Assembly, the boss of the National Rally is in a position of strength. The far-right leader recalled that the RN claimed “Presidency of the Finance Committee” and the vice-presidency of the Assembly, reaffirming that the far-right group intended to be “in opposition” but “not in the filibuster”.

And now, what will become of the Nupes?

Finally, this meeting day ended with the interview between Fabien Roussel and Emmanuel Macron. “What I want is that the French from July see that things are changing”, said the national secretary of the Communist Party. Regarding a possible vote of confidence, Fabien Roussel assumed: “We will judge on exhibit. »

“If this speech contains measures that we support, that we present, I do not see why we would vote against. But if this speech confirms what the President of the Republic and his deputies have said so far, that is to say small checks here and there and nothing else for purchasing power, then we will vote against”, specified the leader of the PCF.

New meetings expected on Wednesday

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On Wednesday, the Head of State will receive Julien Bayou, the secretary general of Europe-Ecologie Les Verts, then the “rebellious” Mathilde Panot and Adrien Quatennens. The head of LFI, leader of Nupes, Jean-Luc Mélenchon has nevertheless already attacked the government frontally and in particular Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne inviting him to submit to a vote of confidence.

Tematai Le Gayic, Louis Boyard and Bryan Masson: who are the three deputies under 25?

Narrowly elected on Sunday in Calvados, Elisabeth Borne, who does not attend interviews with political parties, was weakened by the electoral slap received on Sunday and in the opposition several elected officials, from LFI to LR Valérie Pécresse, demanded his resignation. “This woman has no legitimacy”, launched Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Elisabeth Borne, whose resignation was refused by Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday morning, will receive “next week the presidents of groups freshly elected to the National Assembly”said Matignon.

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