What was “Canelo” Álvarez doing with Manelyk González?

They are two celebrities in the entertainment industry and as such, everything they do is always news, even more so if they do it together. The boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez Y manelyk gonzalez They have been a trend on Mexican social networks in recent hours as a result of a photo in which they appear posing together, like a couple. Find out below the motivation of this snapshot.

The influencer and businesswoman is one of the most media figures on Aztec television. His presence in the reality show “Las estrellas bailaen en HOY” and in “Acapulco Shore They have given him that importance that is evidenced in the number of followers he has on his social networks.

Its more than 15 million “followers” in pending their actions and they were the ones who were surprised to see Manelyk next to the boxer “Canelo” Álvarez. What was the reason for this meeting? In the following lines we explain it to you.


The model, from Mexico City, is quite a celeb when it comes to being a fashion reference and in the recent GQ Mexico magazine’s Men of the Year 2022 award gala was no exception.

The former participant of “The House of Celebrities” dazzled with a black crop top with an open back crochet design and an “underboob” neckline, the same one that did not go unnoticed by “Canelo”.

The multi-time boxing champion was one of the awarded personalities and when he met Manelyk on the red carpet, he did not hesitate to take a picture with her and even dared to put his hand on her waist. Fact that was quite commented on social networks.

A sector of Internet users criticized González because she had been absent from “The stars dance on TODAY” After a spectacular fall in the middle of a practice that led her to use a neck brace, even so, the actress also showed off at the gala without this implement, although she later clarified that she is being treated and when she got home, she put the collar back on. collar.

The photograph that was published by Manelyk herself on her social networks (Photo: Manelyk González / Instagram)

The photograph that was published by Manelyk herself on her social networks (Photo: Manelyk González / Instagram)


At the gala, whose conduction was in charge of Juan Pablo Medina, Álvarez took the statuette as a Mexican playerwhile Santa Fe Klan as a Mexican musician.

For his part, rauw alejandro he took the title of Man of the Year Mexico 2022 and actor tenoch huerta won in the Mexican Actor category.

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