What was the neighborhood most affected by extreme temperatures?

The extreme heat wave was felt strongly during the afternoon of this Friday in the different neighborhoods of La Plata. After 5:00 p.m., the radars of the Commune marked a temperature that reached 41 ° C, while the wind chill reached 46 ° C.

In this sense, the specialists indicated that the highest temperature records occurred in Los Hornos 41°C and Melchor Romero with 40.9°C; and exceeded 40°C in Villa Elvira, Gonnet, Melchor Romero, Plaza Moreno, San Carlos and Altos de San Lorenzo.

Regarding the thermal sensation, the thermal sensation, the indices showed a maximum of 45.8°C in Los Hornos. A step back appears Villa Elvira with 44.2°C, Villa Elisa 43.5°C, Altos de San Lorenzo 43.1°C, Gonnet and City Bell with 42.9°C, Tolosa 42.8°C. In San Carlos, Melchor Romer and Plaza Moreno exceeded 41°C.

Faced with this situation, the local Hydrometeorological Directorate maintains the level of attention of the risk “Orange” until Saturday, inclusive.

It is for this reason that specialists They advise plenty of water, eat light meals such as fruits and vegetables, wet your head and take cold baths, and be responsible with the use of water and light.

Everything indicates that the relief would arrive between Saturday night and Sunday morning, given that the National Meteorological Service (SMN) anticipated rainfall of moderate intensity in the region.

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