What was. what will. Where is the Chancellor and other open questions

As always, Hal Faber’s newsreel wants to sharpen the eye for the details: Sunday’s newsreel is commentary, outlook and analysis. It is backward and forward at the same time.

*** “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego” was the name of a very successful computer game by Brøderbund Software. It later became a children’s television show when a survey by the National Geographic Society revealed that young Americans had very poor geography skills. Back then, every fourth child was unable to locate the Soviet Union. Now the Soviet Union is no more, just a small, poor country that must be defended by former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, who was there in some supervisory boards gives his best. In any case, Schröder is better represented in the media and the social digital regulars than Olaf Scholz. With the current chancellor, the question arises as to where in the world he is right now and how he is governing. The hashtag #WoIstScholz made the rounds, reminiscent of Carmen Sandiego. Concerned, the daily explanation show wondered whether our chancellor too passive is, while he was only preparing for the coming trips to Washington, Kiev and Moscow, which he probably didn’t have to look for on a map. “It’s all about coordinated policy taking place here as far as the European Union and NATO are concerned,” is not exactly a statement with a clear edge. After all, the sentence is short and understandable, because he is also accused of saying long sentences, knotted together like bed sheets in prison break. Whereby one wonders less abroad where in the world Chancellor Scholz is, but rather how on earth these Germans tick. The answer is simply that the millennials who have now seized political power are to blame.

*** Olaf Scholz was energetic and courageous when he made Karl Lauterbach Minister of Health, says the sociologist Heinz Bude. Because nothing is just over when the Corona measures are ended. In his opinion, significantly increasing costs in the field of “public health” will be necessary in terms of prevention, care and forward-looking pandemic management. Money that the state hardly has because it is somewhere else. “The baby boomers retiring across the OECD world today have accumulated significant amounts of excess savings that institutional investors are moving into the global financial market. They, of course, want to make money while bypassing lengthy investments make more money so their customers can live comfortably as fit sneaker retirees.” As the old good-for-nothings squander their money, the sociologist praises the generation of millennials born between the early 80’s and late 90’s who “passed their first life-history test in the pandemic as parents of school-age children and as children of dependent parents.” In his view, they are the ones behind the traffic light coalition and they know that almost nothing can stay the same. “The traffic light has it in their hands to take them where we have never been.” Who is still asking where Olaf Scholz is right now? Maybe he’s already gone, away, to new, safe shores.

*** The Olympic Games in China have started and everyone is happy about the Spocht Grooved rust aesthetics. The newspaper for smart people, which recently published ABAP source code, writes about the respect that athletes deserve. As a guest author, she leaves half a page to a Chinese Consul General, in which he lets himself be enchanted by sport and calls for Enjoy the games together. Even the far more powerful daily newspaperthe staple of baby boomers and millennials is zum ugly big event driven and reported Among white soldierslike journalists with the app My2022 be monitored. It was different in 2008 at the Summer Olympics in Beijing, when there were Chinese bloggers who were happy for the athletes. Youtube, Google and Facebook were freely accessible. Now, on the other hand, what belongs together comes together: Thomas Bach “rules the IOC the way Putin rules Russia and Xi Jinping rules China.” It was evident how Putin dozed, when Ukrainian athletes invaded. The German IOC President also talked the usual nonsense about non-political sport: “When an actor plays Hamlet in a theater, nobody asks himself whether he can express political opinions during the play”. Of course he can, Hamlet is an eminent one political play. Perhaps Bach remembers the time when today’s Maassen conqueror Frank Ullrich stood on the podium and the medal table even among “friends” was tough class warfare.

*** Quite unnoticed by the global political roar, there was rumbling at European level this week. No, the idiotic taxonomy of nuclear power as a green force is not meant, but the hearing on the rights of whistleblowers at the European Court of Human Rights. A fine of 1,000 euros was negotiated, which whistleblower Raphaël Halet had to pay in the Luxleaks trial because he had passed on documents to journalists. At the retrial, the court will have to determine the nature of Halet’s leaked documents because he was treated as a sort of second-class whistleblower in the first trial. Should the desired legal protection for whistleblowers only apply to particularly important documents. In 2019, the EU reacted to the first procedure in 2016 with a directive that all member states had to enact laws to protect whistleblowers by December 17, 2021. That was missed in Germany. It will be seen in three months whether the EU Human Rights Court will show the way to better whistleblower protection. The judges at the French court also have three months constitutional courtto negotiate the Encrochat case. This is about the software that specialists from the National Gendarmerie installed on a server in order to be able to record chats with Encrochat telephones. Details about this software have been declared a state secret. They rate that lawyers by French suspects as a hindrance to the defense. If the case is not clarified by the three constitutional judges, they want to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

The court case against Julian Assange was extended a few days ago to include an appeal before the British Supreme Court. That appeal is expected to be filed next Tuesday. Now one has Assange DAO spoke up, who wants to raise funds for the lawyers and for that two NFT auctions has started. The first ends on Tuesday and is said to be a work of art by the anonymous artist Murat Pak included, a count of the days Assange has been in Belmarsh Prison so far. Crypto money worth 4 million dollars has already been donated. Size art or big rip-off, that is the question. The answer can too cult mean. In any case, the organizers promise that a new era of organizing all cyberpunks has dawned. If you are interested in the old, expired one, in that too Julian Assange showed up at the Cypherpunks, be on the nicely edited one Cryptoanarchy Wiki referred.


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