"What we are going through now is torture"expressed a relative of the shot boy

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 5:04 p.m.

An insurmountable pain means the death of a loved one, but it is more so when it happens tragically and at a very young age, as with Darío Natanael “Nata” Morgensten (12), shot last Sunday in the Nuevo neighborhood of Jardín América.

The boy’s relatives said goodbye this morning at the local cemetery and admitted to being full of questions about how the cause will continue.

About that, Samuel Espínola, the victim’s cousin, recounted the moment they are going through as a family and the uncertainty they have.

“Losing a family member is sad in any circumstance, but the way Nata left us is even more painful and what we are going through now is torture, if it were a traffic accident or illness it could be assimilated differently, but the way how he left is horrible,” Samuel said.

Nata’s mother is devastated, the pain of saying goodbye to a son who was still a child with a whole future ahead of him is not easy to express in words. With that anguish she still continues and her desire is to find answers to what happened.

“What we are investigating is really terrifying, even more so with the statements of those involved and the case continues along a fairly slow path, all of Nata’s relatives collaborate with the justice system so that it is clarified as soon as possible,” said the cousin, leaving in those words a request for judicial speed.

In addition, he expressed that they know perfectly well who fired the shot but that person has not yet been arrested. “The witness statement continues, I approached the preliminary results of the autopsy because apart from the gunshot wound, my cousin had several blows to the face,” he lamented.

In this sense, he said that there was torture by the aggressor and that there was one more minor who was also injured with blows.

Koki is still at large

As reported by El Territorio, the reconstruction made by the Police indicates that a group of young people, including Nata, remained for much of Sunday morning in a square in the Nuevo neighborhood until at a certain point they moved to the house where It is believed that the tragic event occurred, located on Las Flores street, almost Bella Vista.

In that building, around 7:30, Juan Ramón R. (19), known as Koki and who is the brother of the homeowner, was also present, who everything indicates took out a firearm and began to manipulate it in front of the other boys. .

In this context, and due to circumstances that are currently being established, Koki would have fired a shot that hit Nathanael in the chest, who fell to the ground.

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