What we know about the fourth heat wave expected this Sunday

Will the third heat wave become the fourth? Temperatures drop this Saturday, August 6, thanks to “refreshment by the northwest of the country”, said Météo-France. The fourth wave could therefore well be avoided thanks to this refresh. However, as of Sunday, the mercury should start rising again.

However, the heat wave that started on July 31, the 46th since the existence of meteorological records, could end as early as this weekend. “There remains uncertainty about the interruption of this third summer heat wave that began on July 31. At the national level, it could either end at the start of the weekend thanks to a drop in temperatures over three quarters of the country, or continue and strengthen next week.writes Météo-France on its website.

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Temperatures rise in the Southwest on Sunday

But the temperatures forecast by Météo-France remain high for the next few days. This Saturday afternoon, the maximum temperatures still often show 35 to 38 ° C on the Mediterranean South. Two departments (Gard and Vaucluse) are kept on heatwave orange vigilance while 17 others are in yellow.

Sunday, “we expect 33°C to 35°C in the southwest, while temperatures remain stationary or are slightly down in the Mediterranean regions”clarifies the situation.

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“On Monday, the rise in temperatures continues and reaches the northern half: we expect 35°C to 37°C from the southwest to the southeast, and 30°C to 34°C further north, except for a small quarter northwest which remains below the 30°C mark”according to Météo-France. “Maximum temperatures between 32°C and 36°C could most likely be sustained over much of the country. »

A summer of all records

If a fourth heat wave hits France, France could equal its record for heat waves set in 2017. Three heat waves have already swept this summer: from June 15 to 19, the earliest heat wave ever recorded , from July 12 to 25 and a current wave since July 31.

One thing is certain: the nationwide heat wave day counter will explode. For now, 1983 holds the record with 23 days, followed by 2003 with 22 days and 2006 with 21 days. And even if the temperatures drop this Saturday, between 25 and 26 days of heat waves will be recorded by Météo-France in 2022, indicates BFMTV.

Finally, the weekend storms will not be enough to make up for the historic rain deficit nationwide in July, the second driest month of the year since the first records. “At the national level, since July 17, France has been setting a new soil drought record every day (on a history that begins in August 1958)”, note Météo-France. In Corsica, this daily record has even been beaten every day since the beginning of July and since mid-May in PACA.

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“This situation constitutes a major event comparable to the droughts of 1976 and 2003”underline the meteorologists. “By the middle of August, it is very likely that this dry soil situation will get even worse in a large number of regions. »

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