What will Massa do with the taxes?: the forecasts of the specialists

Superminister Sergio Massa is known to be in favor of lower taxes. What can be expected for this stage within the Government?

By iProfessional

08/05/2022 – 5:44 p.m.

Within the skein that the brand new super minister Sergio Massa must unravel the fiscal chaos is a priority.

For Guillermo Pérez, CEO of Grupo GNP, direct actions needed. “If Massa starts by saying that before making any tax reform he is going to face a redesign of public spending, especially from the politician, who is going to strongly attack the evasion that reaches 40% of the GDP -about $200,000 million- and of that total 10% is collected, you solved the problem of the fiscal deficit. If he says that, I’m going to start to believe what he can say about a change in the tax system. Part of the VAT or Profits can be returned to the taxpayer in a citizen checking account; so everyone is going to ask for the bill. It’s something very simple.”

It is clear, according to the tax expert, that no need to create new taxes because, furthermore, society would not bear greater burdens.

“There were some crazy things, to which the IMF it was not denied, like the Inheritance Tax. I hope that higher aliquots do not come with that. Gross Income is a monstrosity, we would have to go to a provincial VAT. Incentives should be given to the export manufacturing sector. Or do a labor laundering because the unemployment rate is due to the amount of work in black, “he considered.

And he added: “If, to the extent of the success of labor laundering, social charges are lowered and other measures are announced for the first job or for the employment of people over 60 years of age, perhaps he will be calmer and happier. NowIf they only promise tax reforms that cannot be fulfilled because public spending does not allow it, I will not believe anything. I believe that the market will function according to the latter belief.

For his part, the economist and deputy Martín Tetaz imagines measures that, without compromising the treasury, could generate very good expectations.

The taxes that could be lowered in the Massa era

“There are some taxes that could be lowered in the future. New investments with accelerated amortization or the incorporation of new workers can be deducted. For the State, it would have a fiscal cost of $0 because the investment to be deducted has not yet been made and the employment has not yet been taken. We must be encouraged to be very aggressive in this regard, but we must also give signals on public spending.”

And in the distribution of charges we should also put a magnifying glass because “40% of the deficit goes through the Secretary of Energy, that was out of Massa’s control.”

Finally, the legislator demands gestures from the public sector. “It is a myth that increasing spending is expansionary; if it were true, right now we would be South Korea,” concludes.

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