WhatsApp: How to protect personal conversations on your Android smartphone

WhatsApp has been one of the applications instant messaging service that has grown the most since its launch. Thousands of million Android users they currently use this platform to communicate. However, it is sometimes important to reinforce the security of those conversations in the event of loss or theft.

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To achieve this, you do not need an extra application. The same smartphones give us the possibility to protect it with a password, fingerprint. With that we will increase our privacy.


There are some times where we share sensitive information through WhatsApp, which we want to be protected. Compared to what is believed, the same cell phone has functions to achieve that.

In the case that you are an Android user, it is not very complicated. Through the fingerprint lock, you can also access the password in the case you do not recognize the first one. To configure it, you must first enter WhatsApp

First steps to configure the privacy of WhatsApp.

Once inside, locate the three points in the upper right corner, press them and go to “Settings”. In that section, go to the first point which is “Account”. Then, you must go to where it says “Privacy”.

In that part, you will see that, to the bottom, the option “Lock with fingerprint” will appear. Upon entering, the application will ask you to confirm your identity using the fingerprint on the reader. By doing so, you will be able to activate the feature.

Last steps to configure WhatsApp privacy.
Last steps to configure WhatsApp privacy.

Finally, it will give you to choose the time in which you want the lock to be activated. This can be 30 minutes, 1 minute, or immediately. Also, you can select if you want the content to be displayed in the notifications.


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