WhatsApp: how to recover deleted messages and conversations

WhatsApp: how to recover deleted messages and conversations

Deleted messages from the WhatsApp application may contain important information that needs to be accessed. How to do it

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19/03/2023 – 10,34h

Among the multiple functions that WhatsApp offers, being able to delete messages before the other person reads them was very well received. This not only allows us to correct that error that we had when writing, but also, bigger mistakes, like when we get the wrong recipient and write in another conversation or we regret something we said after being angry, says 20 Minutes.

Nevertheless, not many know that there are certain ways to recover these messages that were deleted, whether we were the ones who sent them, or we received the callsign: ‘this message was removed’. Of course, before knowing how to recover them, it must be taken into account that, if the other person decided to delete them, maybe you shouldn’t read them to avoid upset.


Although it is true that some deleted messages can only be recovered in specific circumstances and not always completely, one of the most effective ways is through backup. To do this, the first thing is that the daily copy is enabled and proceed to uninstall and reinstall the application. Then, it will give us the option to recover the messages from the last backup and all those sent and received before being deleted will appear on our screen again.

It should be noted that all those messages sent and received after the last backup will not be reflected. In addition, the multimedia content of the messages is not always going to be saved, and in most cases it will be lost, if they were not left in the mobile gallery. The best thing is that it is an option available for both Android and iPhone.

Can you recover deleted messages on WhatsApp?

Can you recover deleted messages on WhatsApp?

notification history

An Android, there is the possibility of recovering the messages that were deleted, as long as you have received it through a notification (and not being active in the conversation). The method, which works only on some mobiles, is based on a ‘Settings’ application widget that we will take to the screen menu. In this we will find a drop-down that offers a new menu where you must choose the option ‘Registration of notifications’ and configure it.

It’s a widget fulfills the task of a shortcut that remains with its own icon on the desktop, there you will see the record of received notifications, in this step press on the WhatsApp notification that you want to read and It will show you the content even if it has been deleted. Although you’ll see a lot of things written, to read the content of a notification you’ll need to look at android.text.

WhatsApp Web

To view deleted messages on WhatsApp Web, the ideal is to use this application on the computer regularly. Regardless of whether we are on iPhone or Android, We will have to download and install the WA Web Plus for WhatsApp extension on our computer. Once installed, we will choose the option ‘Restore deleted messages’ (Restore deleted messages) from its configuration menu and, from then on, we will have the possibility of recovering the messages that have been deleted in the chats.

recover deleted messages on whatsapp

Recover deleted messages on WhatsApp

third party applications

Finally, there is the option to recover the deleted messages using one of the applications available in the stores for this purpose. WAMR – Recover deleted messages, WhatsRemoved are just some of the many that exist and their process is similar. Once installed, we must choose the application from which we want to retrieve the messages, enable the relevant permissions and from then on, the application will save the conversations. Although, as in the case of the notification history, it has a text limitation of 100 characters per message.

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