WhatsApp is releasing voice recording pause and resume

WhatsApp for Windows desktop from Microsoft Store is gaining the ability to pause and resume an audio recording. The novelty was reported by the website WABetaInfo, where it is said that the beta version of the application for the Universal Windows Platform is gaining a button to pause and resume recording audio messages.

WhatsApp beta update 2.2223.11.70 for Windows, downloaded from the Microsoft Store, brings a new button to record audio messages. By selecting it, the user will be able to pause, resume or even listen to what has already been said before finishing the recording.

Not yet available to everyone

As this is the beta version of WhatsApp for Windows, the new feature of pausing the recording of audio messages is not yet available to everyone. Below is a screenshot of the WABetaInfo website displaying the new functionality.

Screenshot of the beta WhatsApp app for Windows from the Microsoft Store. Source: WABetaInfo

Launch and availability

The pause and resume feature of audio message recordings does not yet have a release date on the stable version of WhatsApp from the Microsoft Store. As the functionality is still in the testing phase, there is no prediction of how long it might take before it is released in the stable version of the app. The app’s developers have been working hard to make the same features as mobile apps available in the app store version of Microsoft’s operating system.

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