WhatsApp Web gets a sticker creator in its latest update

The funniest tool that came to WhatsApp to send messages to our friends and family, definitely, are stickers. So fundamental, that even memes have been taken to the format of the Meta application stickers to share funny moments with our contacts.

One of the most convenient WhatsApp options for its users is WhatsApp Web, the desktop and computer browser version of the instant messaging application. In it, and after the most recent update it had, now Internet users will have a personalized sticker creator.

This new addition to the web version of WhatsApp allows you to convert ordinary images saved on a computer into stickers that can be sent through the messaging service.

To access the sticker creator, as explained on the website of The Verge In their report, users must click on the clip icon (attachments), select Stticker, and then choose an image to upload.

Custom sticker designs

Once uploaded, images can be edited to make the perfect decal. An outline can be drawn around the model of an image to cut out the background, and images can also be cut out (albeit always in a square aspect ratio). Additional WhatsApp emojis, text, and stickers can also be overlaid on top of the sticker creations.

Being able to make your own stickers on WhatsApp is not new and there is a wide range of third-party applications available on iOS and Android dedicated to the task. But it’s a convenient feature to have it integrated directly into the web and desktop versions of the service, especially since they allow you to edit images with the precision of your mouse cursor.

In addition to the web version of WhatsApp, the feature will also hit desktop apps next week, the last of November.

Meta’s messaging app is the most used worldwide and is one of the ones that receives the most updates, between small and large, among the applications of the social media giant. Coming soon, new emojis are expected for WhatsApp versions.

The place Emojipedia announced what are the new emojis that will come soon in the application, in version 15.0.

Among the novelties, we find a trembling face, a light blue heart, a gray heart, a pink heart, a raised hand, as if to ask for a high five or deny something. We also have a moose, a donkey, a wing, a crow, a goose, a jellyfish, a hyacinth, a gengible, a pea pod, a fan, a comb, some maracas, a flute, an icon of the khanda religion, and , finally, a WiFi icon.

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