When “bastard” wasn’t (just) an insult

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Even though French law has made the “natural child” disappear » of his texts in 2005, even though since 2006, half of the children born in France are born out of wedlock, and that PMA and GPA endorse a disorder in filiation, why is the word “bastard” still an insult? It can be argued that the ” filthy bastard “ launched in college courses a, by contamination of the bastard Anglophone, lost the connotation of lineage. Maybe. But if Jean-Paul Sartre makes him a revolutionary figure, if the writer Olivia Rosenthal sets him up as an icon of disobedience, if Stromae sings of him as a model of wisdom refusing too easy affiliations, and if Eddy de Pretto addresses an album “To all the bastards”it is because being one remains a scandalous status, or at least one that is rarely claimed.


How did the redneck become redneck? Have the elders always been the darlings? Isn’t the “old maid” a figure of decreasing wisdom? This summer, “l’Obs” wonders about the family and the culturally charged looks that we put on it. The opportunity to take a lot of stereotypes the wrong way and to question what they say about the society in which we live.

It is undoubtedly that, despite all the moral and societal developments, our vision of the family is still largely inherited from the 19e century. If the Revolution

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