"When I come home, I have the impression that she has already grown up" : Kendji Girac confides in his daughter

Singer whose success is no more to prove, Kendji Girac is also the father of a little girl. And his personal life is not always easy to reconcile with his profession.

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Already more than eight years Kendji Giracwho recently gave news of his friend Florent Pagny, won the third season of The Voice. He will experience instant success with his first title Color Gitano in 2014. Then came four albums which established him among the most popular French artists. His first opus, Kendji (2014), thus sold more than 1.5 million copies, while the second, Together (2015), will exceed the million mark. At the end of 2022, the artist released a fifth album entitled The school of lifeincluding the song Eva, declaration of love to his daughter, to whom he had already paid tribute. On the strength of his professional success, Kendji Girac, touching in a TV movie, is therefore also happy in his personal life. Even if it is not always easy for him to reconcile the two.

Kendji Girac confides his only regret concerning his daughter

In January 2021, Kendji Girac, who recently confided in his father, also became the father of a little girl named Eva Alba. A first child who fills the artist and who has logically upset his daily life. Despite all his efforts, however, he confesses to having one regret: his life made of tours and recordings sometimes prevents him from seeing her as much as he would like. “With each trip, we try to see if she can come with us and if it’s not too tiring for her. In terms of schedule, we do our best to get together”he confessed in the columns of Provence this Monday, November 21. Before continuing: “Unfortunately, it happens that I spend several weeks without being able to come home. When I come back, I have the impression that she has already grown up. ‘they have already changed and we say to ourselves ‘damn, I missed a week'”.

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Kendji Girac: “As long as my daughter is happy, so am I”

Relatively discreet about his private life, Kendji Giracembarrassed by the intimate scenes of Champion, still wanted to show all his love for his daughter in his latest album. Before perhaps Eva one day follows in her father’s footsteps and “learn to sing to hear her beautiful voice”. And the 26-year-old singer concludes: “If she wants to have a career, I will help her. The most important thing is that she does what she wants. As long as my daughter is happy, so am I”. See you maybe in a few years in The Voice Kids

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