When is Metroid Prime 4?  I fan credono (e esperano) presto, dopo un probeggio

When is Metroid Prime 4? I fan credono (e esperano) presto, dopo un probeggio

Che fine ha fatto Metroid Prime 4? Chi knows! This game, from the incredibly successful production story, has been announced in April 2017 and has seen its sviluppo start from zero in 2019. At the moment, no indication is given of its data from Lancio, but some fans may not be very far away.

Dare new spinta alle speculazioni in merito to the finestra di lancio di Metroid Prime 4 ci ha pensato la stessa Nintendo, che en questi giorni has inviato un probe incentrato su Metroid Prime Remastered. The subsidiary of the Regno Unito, in particular, if it is interested in the motives that Hanno spinto and its giocatori to play all the masterizzazione, and in one of those days there has even been a response “I have planted a good way to cross the fine tempo all’uscita di Metroid Prime 4”.

The mention of the game from Nintendo is received by all fans a promising signal – forse perchè ci troviamo in a climate of absolute and prolonged silence. Both for starters, I have fully confirmed that Metroid Prime 4 exists and is not the fruit of a collective hallucination; in secondo luogo, gli appassionati ritengono che, se la data d’uscita fose stata troppo lontana, Nintendo non l’avrebbe mai menzionato nel sondaggio. For this reason, c’è chi predicts a surprise launch I enter the fine di quest’annooppure all’beginning of the next year. It is useless to specify that there is no certainty to the rigor, but the big one is not new with a quick announcement and a surprise launch – this is Metroid Prime Remastered arriving on the improvised eShop.

What do you think about these speculations? Le ritenete plausibili oppure alimentate da speranze vane? Say it nei commenti!

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