When it comes to soles this fall, “more is more”

Of course, thick soles are practical in everyday life, which is why they remain so popular. Here is an example from Crickit (about 200 euros).

© Crickit/dpa-tmn

Thick solid soles are very practical in autumn and winter – that’s why this shoe trend will remain with us. But a shift is beginning: back to shoes for fun.

Offenbach – “Fashion again has what it takes to spread a good mood.” That’s what Claudia Schulz, trend expert at the German Shoe Institute, says in an interview with the dpa topic service. For the shoes, this means new ups and downs.

What does this feel-good shoe fashion look like in autumn?

We get a style with the motto “more is more”. We’ll see more color and more glamor again with metallics and lacquer. And we have a turn towards more femininity again: People are wearing a little more heels again. And the lasts can be slimmer again and no longer just as clumsy as before. All of this, of course, always with the necessary nonchalance.

The currently trendy loafers have thick soles, here is an example from Essentiel Antwerp (approx. 235 euros).

© Essentiel Antwerp/dpa-tmn

In my opinion, the change has to do with a spirit of optimism. People are going out more now, wanting to dress up a bit more.

Anyone who bought shoes last year found thick, solid soles. There was talk of “heavy shoes for hard times”. Don’t we need these anymore?

Both are hip. It is a phase of transition. So we still have a lot of thick soles in the trade.

For example, the currently trendy loafer variant as a sneaker alternative. Some women now have dozens of sneakers in their closets. And they are also looking for a new type of shoe with similarly thick soles. Everything that has a plateau is also preserved – a bit reinterpreted, between grunge and 70s. Because we will see a lot of bell-bottoms in fashion. For these we need shoes with a bit more volume so that they can still be seen under these trousers.

When do you recommend which variant?

The thick soles are clearly more suitable for everyday use. With the platform soles, I get through the various challenges of everyday life very, very well.

I choose the higher soles when I want to dress up in the evening. Then I really let it rip and wear pumps or slings. With glitter and sequins. There is the view that these should now also have extremely high heels. I see it differently: It doesn’t need twelve centimeters under the foot, but smaller heels are also sufficient. dpa

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