When social media harms the company – 10 common social media mistakes of craft businesses

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When social media harms the company - 10 common social media mistakes of craft businesses

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Most craft businesses are increasingly suffering from the general shortage of skilled workers and can hardly keep up with the orders. Therefore, companies are increasingly turning to job advertisements on social media. They hope to be able to use the channel to recruit new employees.

“Social media marketing can do a lot to solve the rampant shortage of staff – but I keep seeing companies that don’t even notice their serious mistakes in implementation,” says Christian Keller. As an experienced recruiting expert, he knows the situation in craft businesses and supports them in finding qualified specialists from their region via social media.

In this article, he summarized the ten most common mistakes that companies in the trades sector make again and again when looking for employees via social media.

1. Job advertisements like in the newspaper

Christian Keller repeatedly observes how craft businesses publish on social media, but the post is formatted like a job advertisement from the print sector. However, this leads to ads that are difficult to read and seem outdated, which tends to have a negative effect on potential applicants.

2. Paid advertising remains unused

A single post is often not enough – it quickly disappears and has little effect on the target group. It is more advisable to place paid advertising, which the interested parties then encounter again and again. So it stays in your head for a long time.

3. Stock photos instead of authentic images

According to marketing expert Christian Keller, using purchased images is also not a good idea. After all, people today can see immediately whether the workplace is being portrayed authentically or whether it is just symbolic images. If you want to appear credible here, you should not use stock photos.

4. Only “Glossy Photos”

Likewise, one should not overdo it with photo shoots. People with thumbs up and grinning exaggeratedly at the camera tend to give viewers an inconsistent feeling, the recruiting professional analyses.

5. Videos with uninterested people

It is true that videos have become indispensable in social media advertising. However, very few people feel comfortable creating release-ready movies. If you then see that they really don’t feel like it, that will deter potential applicants, explains Christian Keller.

6. No digital way to get in touch

Advertising on social media can be very effective. However, if there is no forwarding to a professional landing page including a standard form for a quick application, the effect will fizzle out. A holistic strategy is therefore necessary for recruiting employees in social media.

7. Companies introduce themselves too little

Many companies have not yet adjusted to the shortage of skilled workers. Today, this is an applicant market – the companies must therefore first convince the applicants of themselves. Therefore, if you do not present any unique selling points, you will be overtaken by the competition.

8. Applicants will no longer be approached again

Today, modern agencies also use the tool of retargeting. Interested Internet users will encounter the content of a company again and again, which means that it can be remembered much more easily.

9. It’s over after 30 days

Many companies are satisfied with an advertisement lasting 30 days. With a bit of luck, a position might be filled. However, Christian Keller is certain that companies cannot counter the shortage of skilled workers in this way. This requires continuous advertising for the company.

10. Implementation on your own without a proven system

Many companies want to learn digital marketing themselves – but don’t have the time for it. After all, a well thought-out social media strategy and in-depth knowledge are required here. It is therefore advisable to leave the social media marketing to a professional agency with an experienced team.

About Christian Keller:

Finally hiring qualified employees who are motivated to work for the company – that’s what many craft businesses want. Christian Keller from Kellerdigital is an expert in personnel online marketing and enables specialist companies in the trade to do just that. With his team, he creates advertising campaigns that attract employees and knows exactly which tricks lead to more applicants. More information at: https://www.kellerdigital.de/

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