When traveling, Harald Schmidt is “a German philistine”

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Harold Schmidt
Travel to distant countries? For Harald Schmidt, a bus ride through Cologne is exotic enough. © Felix Hörhager/dpa

As he gets older, the 64-year-old doesn’t want to do without comfort even on vacation. He also reveals where he is going with the family this summer.

Cologne – The TV presenter Harald Schmidt (64) learned while traveling that he was “a German bourgeois”. “I’m just a millisecond away from asking: do you have schnitzel, too?” the entertainer told Stern magazine.

He is not the type who is actually at home in New York – he is the classic German “tourist”.

This time, Schmidt is spending his private summer vacation with his family on a sailing boat around Sicily. “I’m curious to see if the bays will be as crowded again this year. A lot of oligarch yachts are frozen.”

Although he has traveled the world with the “dream ship”, as he gets older he realizes more and more clearly: “I need Germany, Switzerland or Austria. Room service, perfect internet.”

His hometown of Cologne is more exotic for him than distant continents. “Exotic for me is: bus rides in Cologne,” he said. “If you drive half an hour, you will pass through three different neighborhoods with different social structures. I find that interesting.” dpa

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