When will Apple Music Classical be released?

It’s been over a year since Primephonic ended. This occurred after Apple bought the classical music streaming service, making people lose one of the best platforms to listen to this music genre. Fortunately, however, there are signs of its return in an Apple application dedicated to playing classical music.

Founded in late 2018 by Thomas Steffens, Primephonic was created with the aim of complementing what music streaming services offer, but with search capabilities geared towards classical music, containing hand-coded metadata and payment of artists based on transmitted time instead of the number of times a track is played.

Primephonic and Apple Music

Return of Primephonic under the name Music Classical, when will it happen.  Source: thegadgetflow
Return of Primephonic under the name Music Classical, when will it happen. Source: thegadgetflow

It is a fact that Apple Music already has a huge library of songs, it was even announced this year that the streaming platform reached the 100 million mark. So why would Apple buy Primephonic? According to the 9to5mac website, it is to improve the music search and indication system, something that, incredible as it may seem, many streaming services have had a great challenge when trying to offer something of quality for less popular styles of music.

Currently, PrimePhonic CEO Thomas Steffens works on Apple Music business development. In 2018, the year his classical music platform was founded, he even said that “streaming services typically pay 60% of (net) revenues as royalties to record labels, which in turn pay a percentage of these royalties to their artists. , based on the number of times a track has been streamed. Since most pop songs last 3 or 4 minutes, this mechanism works very well, but the average classical track lasts much, much longer. Beethoven’s 9th symphony lasts more than an hour, with each movement lasting between 10 and 25 minutes (depending on the recording). The result is that an hour of pop music pays off significantly more than an hour of classical music.”

It remains to be seen whether Apple will pursue this same idea of ​​paying artists and labels. However, since Thomas is on Apple Music, it is believed that he is committed to keeping things as they were when the dedicated classical music app is launched again. In 2021, the “apple” even issued a statement saying:

Apple Music plans to launch a dedicated classical music app next year, combining the classic Primephonic user interface that fans love with more additional features.

Primephonic, at the time it was acquired by Apple, even revealed the following:

We’re working on an amazing new Apple classical music experience for early next year.

If it’s already the end of 2022, when will the “Apple Classical” be released?

In February 2022, the website 9to5google revealed that the beta version of Apple Music for Android contained the name “Apple Classical” in its code.

Open in Apple Classical

At that time, the period of free access to Apple Music for Primephonic subscribers was coming to an end. But the signs didn’t stop there, as at the end of September this year the website 9to5mac reported that references to the Apple Classical app were found in the beta version of iOS 15.5.

Is there a release date for the Apple Classical?

Unfortunately there is still no date or forecast for the Apple Classical to be released. Although we have indications of its arrival and Apple said it would launch the streaming service in 2022, it is a project that may have its plans changed for some reason during the development of the new platform. Anyway, it is known that several former employees of Primephonic ended up going to Apple after the company’s purchase and this is a sign that we may have the chance to “get our hands” on a beautiful application focused on music streaming classic.

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