When will Bubatz be legal? Christian Lindner announces date for cannabis legalization

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) was a guest in the YouTube interview format “cross-examination”. There he also spoke about the planned cannabis legalization.Image: IMAGO / Future Image

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) would like to be an influencer for democracy. And he keeps his fingers crossed for his favorite club Borussia Dortmund. He revealed all of this in the YouTube interview format “Cross-examination”, which is produced by Funk and in which he was a guest again, around a year after his last appearance.

Lindner answered questions from the moderators about digitization, mobility and the timing of a possible legalization of cannabis. The traffic light parties had agreed on this in the coalition agreement. But there are legal doubts: According to the Bundestag’s research service, the plans could violate EU law.

Lindner explains the deficits of his FDP

But before that, Lindner had to name a point in which the FDP not so good. He took a deep breath and then said: The FDP is very good with younger voters, but it has deficits with the older ones. Then the federal chairman finds another flaw. He says: “And I think that the FDP is actually the most attractive party for young women. But that’s not yet expressed by the members.”

Moderator Parshad Esmaeili asked Lindner a little later: “In which year will the first legal joint really be sold?” Short look from the FDP man. He bit his lip, almost seeming uncomfortable with the question.

But then Lindner grinned slightly and said: “2023 Bubatz legal.” This surprised even the moderators. “That’s an announcement,” commented Jan Schipmann on Lindner’s statement.

On social media, users took up this statement. One wrote under Christian Lindner’s Instagram post: “What else do young people want” and indicated cannabis legalization with a maple symbol.

A demonstrator in Berlin reminds the traffic light coalition of their election promises.

A demonstrator in Berlin reminds the traffic light coalition of their election promises.Image: IMAGO / IPON

Lindner’s social media team confirms cannabis claims

Lindner’s team reiterated what they said in the interview and wrote, succinctly: “Coming in 2023.” Next to the legal doubts about the compatibility of the project with EU lawother voices have recently been raised that question the timing of the traffic lights.

The federal drug commissioner Burkhard Blienert had said in July that the law on cannabis legalization would not come into force before 2024. The traffic light coalition plans to present a draft for this at the end of this year or early next year. But there are still many questions to be clarified, emphasized Blienert in July.

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