Where and how did they find the body of Eliana Pacheco in La Plata?

The crime of eliana isabella pacheco shock the country. The young 24-year-old mother was found murdered in a field on the outskirts of La Plata, after more than 5 days of intense search. The victim had been missing since last Sunday and, despite the fact that his death was confirmed to be violent, the investigators are now awaiting the results of the skills carried out at the scene and the autopsy of his body to determine for sure how the homicide was.

The investigation took a 180° turn this Friday morning, after the unfortunate discovery; and now moves in a new direction. It is in this context that police sources confirmed to 0221.com.ar that The victim’s body was found in a ditch about 15 meters from the street that delimits the wasteland that was raked by members of the Buenos Aires Police and the Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) of La Platawho this morning resumed the search for the young woman.

Pacheco’s body, as indicated, was found at 203 and 38, in the same area where his ID had been found last Thursday. The search had focused on those lands taking into account the last point at which the telephone antennas had captured the victim’s cell phone.

Until Thursday afternoon, the operations had progressed slowly, since the area is characterized by tall and dense grasslands. In the restart of the search, meanwhile, the agents finally found the body of Eliana, whose identity was confirmed shortly after the discovery.

The first details of the case indicate that the victim’s body did not show visible signs of violence, although the investigators await the preliminary results of the studies carried out to begin to unravel what happened and how. Around it, in turn, no objects related to the homicide were found.


Eliana was last seen last Sunday, when she left her home and took a bus to go to a clothing fair located at 52 and 208. A security camera would have captured her at the door of those sheds where, every weekend, hundreds of people take the opportunity to buy products at low prices. Her record showed her talking to a man who, after a few seconds, walked off in the opposite direction from the young woman. Since then, however, nothing has been heard of her.

Without receiving answers to their calls and messages, the young woman’s family and friends began an intense search that quickly went viral throughout the region. In this context, she even revealed that she had received a call asking them not to look for her, that she was fine with so-called friends and would return to her home later.

Last Thursday, meanwhile, members of the Buenos Aires Police and the Departmental Directorate of Investigations (DDI) of La Plata deployed a large operation in the vicinity of the place where the cell phone antennas captured his phone for the last time. There, after intense work throughout the day, They managed to find your ID. A few meters from that place, this Friday and when the rakes resumed, the troops finally found the victim’s body.

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