Where Do Stretch Marks Come From – And What Can You Do About It?

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Stretch marks can occur not only in expectant mothers. An extreme stretching of the skin can also occur, among other things, in strong people growth spurts or weight gain develop. There are a few things you can do to help reduce and prevent streaks.

Stretch marks: you need to know that

Not just pregnancy can be the cause of stretch marks. In boys and girls during puberty, the body usually also grows very quickly, so stretch marks can develop; a similarly strong stretching of the skin occurs in a strong weight gain taking place, which can equally affect women and men. But there can also be other reasons behind it, such as a faster muscle growthcortisone treatments, hormone treatments, genetic predisposition or diseases as the Cushing’s Syndromehormonal imbalances or infections such as typhus or tuberculosis.

If the skin stretches a lot, stretch marks can appear in various parts of the body. This is about whole fine tears in the connective tissue, which arise when the tissue is overstretched. The elastic fibers, which among other things consist of elastin and collagen exist, can tear when overstretched. On the surface of the skin you perceive this in stripes. While the stripes too are more purple to red at the beginning, they usually fade over time so that they only shimmer on your skin as slightly whitish scars. Common areas of the body where you can get stretch marks are these Thighs, chest, stomach, back or bottom.

Once you have stretch marks, they usually don’t go away completely. Would you like individual advice on whether a professional (laser)treatment of the cracks in the tissue might be suitable for you, a*e dermatologist help. If you are interested, you should definitely inform yourself about the costs, risks and possible side effects. You can also prevent stretch marks and reduce their severity with the right care.

The right care: preventative tips and tricks

It has not yet been scientifically proven whether you can prevent stretch marks from developing on you. However, there are different ones measures, which according to testimonials and recommendations can help tighten and strengthen your tissues and stimulate your blood circulation. This will at least reduce the likelihood of it happening.

One possibility is that contrast showers with cold and warm water. You could go further Plucking or kneading massageusing a massage sponge or skin oil if you like. oilsthat can help against stretch marks include those with almond oil, argan oil or jojoba oil. You can get these at the drugstore or pharmacy. It is important to note that most products are not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

For further prevention, you should move regularly and endurance sports such as swimming, running, walking or cycling. Wearing a sports bra to support your breasts can also help. One healthy eating and drinking a lot are also preventive measures. If possible, you should not gain or lose too much weight.


Many women and men do not like their own stretch marks and try to get rid of them. But even if you personally don’t find your stretch marks particularly aesthetic, it is admirablewhat the body does for us. Stretch marks show one part of your story and are nothing to be ashamed of. It will do you good to love and accept your body as it is – because even a body with stretch marks is a beautiful one.

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