Where to watch the Cacique vs La Calera via Streaming?

Colo Colo takes to the field to play against Unión La Calera at the Nicolás Chahuán Stadium, in a duel valid for date 18 of the 2021 National Championship, the first of the second round of the local tournament.

The Cacique will put his leadership at stake against the cement producers after establishing himself as “winter champion” with 33 points, this because the fifth region’s team is currently his closest escort with 31 units after falling ugly to Universidad de Chile 4-1 in local condition last date.

That is why victory today is tremendously important, since in case of winning, the advantage points in the first place will be stretched to five, that independent of what do the UC, the U and Audax Italiano on this date, since they are in third, fourth and fifth place with three units less than the Caleranos.

The Cacique’s training for this afternoon will be with Brayan Cortes in the bow; Óscar Opazo, Maximiliano Falcón, Emiliano Amor and Miiko Albornoz in defence; César Fuentes, Vicente Pizarro and Leonardo Gil in the midfield; Gabriel Costa, Iván Morales and Joan Cruz on offense.

Schedule: When do Colo Colo vs Unión La Calera play?

Colo Colo will play against Unión La Calera on Wednesday, August 25 at 4:30 p.m. in Chile at the Nicolás Chahuán Nazar Municipal Stadium.

Nicolás Chahuán Nazar Municipal Stadium

The Cacique will visit Unión La Calera at the Nicolás Chahuán Nazar Municipal Stadium. | Photo: UNO Agency.

Television: On which channel to watch live on TV Colo Colo vs Unión La Calera?

The Colo Colo vs Unión La Calera match will be broadcast on TNT Sports HD and TNT Sports 2, on the following channels according to your cable operator:

TNT Sports HD
VTR: 855 (HD)
DTV: 1631 (HD)
ENTEL: 243 (HD)
CLARO: 490 (HD)
TNT Sports 2
VTR: 165 (SD)
DTV: 631 (SD)
ENTEL: 242 (SD)
CLEAR: 190 (SD)
YOU SEE: 504 (SD)

Online: Who broadcasts the Colo Colo vs Unión La Calera match live and by streaming?

If you are looking for a link to see the duel between Colo Colo vs Unión La Calera, you can do it through TNT Sports Stadium and TNT Sports GO. You can also see it on the streaming service of your cable operator in case you have contracted TNT Sports: DirecTV GO and Movistar Play.

DaleAlbo Live Streaming

You can also follow the live broadcast of this duel starting at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 25 on DaleAlbo live through DaleAlbo Radio and Somos Chile Radio.

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