Which e-reader to choose in 2021? The ultimate comparison

There is no question here of remaking the debate between paper books and e-readers. In our opinion, the two formats meet different needs. However, the e-reader has an undeniable advantage: it allows you to transport an entire library in a reduced format. They also have an autonomy of up to 10 weeks. Perfect for travelers, highly mobile readers or for vacations.

The advantage of digital e-readers is their e-Ink or ePaper screen. These display technologies work on the same principle. We have a substrate, pigments, and electric current. By applying this current to certain areas, the pigment appears and remains visible until electrical current is again applied to the same area.

In other words, to display a page, an e-reader only expends energy for a brief moment. Once the text and images are on the screen, you can run out of battery – everything will stay in place, perfectly readable. This is why these devices have quite simply interstellar autonomy. These screens may or may not be backlit. They reflect light in a natural way, with a rendering very close to paper – which is very relaxing on the eyes.

In use, reading on this type of screen has nothing to do with reading on a backlit LCD or OLED screen. Ask the question around you, test one in store: after going on a digital e-reader, it is rare that we go back to other solutions.

Top best e-reader 2021 :

  1. Kindle Paperwhite 2021
  2. Kindle Oasis 2021
  3. Vivlio Touch HD Plus
  4. Vivlio Inkpad 3
  5. Kobo Libra H20

1- Kindle Paperwhite 2021

You don’t know which e-reader to choose? This is probably the one you need!

Kindle paperwhite 2021

© Amazon

Amazon waited three years before launching a new version of the 2021 best e-reader on the market: the Kindle Paperwhite. This new version benefits from a larger 6.8 ″ screen with significantly thinner bezels. It is equipped with an adjustable backlighting in intensity but also in “heat” – you can make this backlight more or less orange to rest the sight.

On the performance side, we have a new generation eInk display with exceptional definition of 300 dpi and an anti-reflective coating that makes it even closer to paper – even in direct sunlight. The eReader contains a new chip that allows 20% faster page changes. The interstellar autonomy of the device is 10 weeks. The standard version comes equipped with 8 GB of storage space – more than enough to store thousands of books.

Acheter Kindle Paperwhite 2021

The device is equipped with a USB type C port to avoid having to multiply cables and chargers. The e-reader is waterproof, so you can use it safely at the pool or on the beach. Note that a “Signature Edition” version also exists with 32 GB of internal storage, wireless charging, and automatic brightness adjustment.

2- Kindle Oasis 2021

The best Kindle e-reader for downloading books absolutely anywhere

Kindle Oasis 2021Kindle Oasis 2021

© Amazon

Confused about which eReader to choose – and swear by the best, and the most comprehensive feature offerings on the market? You’ll love the Kindle Oasis. On paper, it’s clearly the best e-reader of 2021. We have an even larger screen than the Paperwhite (7 ″) with still this exceptionally detailed definition of 300 dpi. The eInk screen is backlit.

You can manually adjust the brightness, or let built-in sensors choose the right light level. You can also adjust the light temperature for a very restful effect on the eyes. Note that the backlight of this e-reader is the most powerful of all Kindle e-readers thanks to a set of 25 LEDs – against 17 for the other models.

Buy Kindle Oasis 2021

The autonomy is there again, yet about ten weeks. It benefits from the same performance improvements as the Paperwhite 2021. The device is available in 8 GB and 32 GB versions. If you choose the more expensive model, you will be entitled, in addition to WiFi connectivity, to a cellular connection which will allow you to actually download books and newspapers wherever you are. The Oasis is waterproof (IPx8) so you can continue reading in the bath or by the pool.

3- Vivlio Touch HD Plus

The best e-reader 2021 made in France

vivlio touch hd plusvivlio touch hd plus

© Vivlio

While Amazon (Kindle) and Fnac (Kobo) are well placed in this 2021 best e-reader comparison, other brands are managing to do well. This is the case for Vivlio, a French company that has decided to come to rubbing against the two giants. With Touch HD Plus, the frenchy manages to offer an interesting alternative to small e-readers from Amazon and Fnac. The Touch HD Plus incorporates a 6 inch screen with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, like Amazon’s Paperwhite.

This screen is also distinguished by its backlight SmartLight adjusting the brightness and colors according to the reader’s needs. Its slightly rounded design is not to displease either – it even gives it a little touch of originality. Add to this that she embarks 16 GB of storage when most competitors are satisfied with 8 GB for the standard model. If you don’t know which e-reader to choose, the Vivlio Touch HD Plus is available at 150 euros. A great alternative to the Kindle Paperwhite.

Vivlio Lux 5 at the best price
Base price: 129 €

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4- Vivlio Inkpad 3

The best large format e-reader 2021

vivlio inkpad 3vivlio inkpad 3

© Vivlio

What if the best 2021 e-reader was made in France? If one were to sum up the Vivlio Inkpad 3 simply, we would say it is a larger Touch HD Plus. Vivlio takes here the excellent ingredients of its 6-inch e-reader and stretches it in a 8 inch format.

The format, the design, the display comfort (resolution of 300 dpi), Vivlio includes everything that makes the success of the Touch HD Plus. The grip is still as pleasant and the lightness of the e-reader allows prolonged reading. The only regret if you do not yet know which e-reader to choose: it is not waterproof. The Vivlio Inkpad 3 is available from 200 euros.

Vivlio Inkpad 3 at the best price
Base price: 299 €

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5- Kobo Libra H20

Fnac’s best 2021 e-reader

kobo libra h20kobo libra h20

© Kobo

Last born in the Kobo family, the Libra H20 is Fnac’s best 2021 e-reader – competing head-on with the Kindle Oasis. It is also designed with a lateral support which is even more ergonomic thanks to its non-slip back. It is also waterproof.

Although the border has physical buttons, the Kobo Libra H20 is also equipped with a 7 inch touch screen. This element shines by its resolution of 300 dpi and its adaptive display. The colorimetry can be adjusted to make reading more pleasant at night.

Add to that an extremely simple interface, and you have one of the best devices in this review if you don’t know which eReader to choose. Big difference compared to the Kindle Oasis: Kobo is playing the openness card. Also the Libra H20 can read files in ePUB format. She is available from 160 euros.

Kobo Libra H2O at the best price
Base price: 159 €

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6- Kobo Clara HD

The best 2021 e-reader for the price-performance ratio

kobo clara hdkobo clara hd

© Kobo

If you don’t have a big budget, the Kobo Clara HD is arguably the best e-reader in 2021. Behind its basic plastic design, the Clara HD stands out as one of the best value for money which will tip the scales if you don’t know which 2021 e-reader to choose.

Available at 129 euros, it is distinguished by its very beautiful 6 inch screen (300 dpi resolution) equipped with ComfortLight allowing the display to be adapted to the ambient light.

Compact and light, the Clara HD will accompany you everywhere and promises long enjoyable reading. Add to that a very simple interface and an open system giving access to ePUB content and you get one of the best recipes for small budgets.

Kobo Clara HD at the best price
Base price: 129 €

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7- Kindle 2019

The best e-reader in 2021 to start

kindle 2019kindle 2019

© Amazon

If you’re a fan of hard-copy books but want to try the “to see” e-reader adventure if you like, the Kindle 2019 is the best e-reader we can recommend. It will also be suitable for people with a very small budget or occasional readers.

Available at 70 euros only, the Kindle 2019 is the standard model offered by Amazon. But it is also the most complete in this price range. His 6 inch screen displays a resolution of 167 dpi, which is not extraordinary but sufficient for long reading sessions.

the 4 GB storage may seem a bit tight but once again, it will be quite sufficient for the target audience. Finally, note that, like other Kindle, this model can only display content from the Amazon ecosystem. However, the interface is very easy to use and the catalog of the American giant is very rich. Important note: the Kindle 2019 is not waterproof. An acceptable sacrifice for this price if you don’t know which e-reader to choose.

Kindle (2019) at the best price
Base price: 79 €

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Conclusion: you don’t know which e-reader to choose? You will find the best e-reader in this comparison

E-readers remain very popular devices in 2021. Just look around you, on public transport or on the beach, for example. However, it is easy to get lost in it to the point that you no longer know which e-reader to choose. What you need to know is that you will enjoy switching to just about any device, as long as it is equipped with one of those famous e-Ink screens. This is why we advise you to start with the first available price – the cheapest models are around 70 euros – to really gain experience.

After a few months, you will be able to resell your entry-level eReader for a net loss of a few tens of euros. Then come back to this comparison to find the best 2021 e-reader that best suits your needs. The backlighting, and the possibility of adjusting the light temperature, are points, you will notice, less anecdotal than you think… Whether you are bulimic of books or occasional readers, you now have some interesting references of e-readers. This guide will of course be updated over time according to the new features announced.

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