Who are the six Together candidates to run for the presidency of the National Assembly?

The defeat of Richard Ferrand in the legislative elections brings with it the vacancy of the post of President of the National Assembly.

The macronists are looking for successors to key positions at the Palais Bourbon, in a tight transfer window. Six LREM candidates are finally in the running for the presidency of the National Assembly, including Roland Lescureoutgoing Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee, and Barbara Pompiliformer Minister of Ecological Transition.

“We are at a time when it will be difficult to bring together majorities” so “we need someone capable of reaching out to everyone”, argues the latter.

Three candidates and three candidates for the roost

Former minister under Nicolas Sarkozy, Eric Woerth, rallied to Emmanuel Macron, also applied to “embody a National Assembly that works seriously”. “I have the ability to talk to everyone,” he told the Parisian. Joel Giraudformer Minister for Territorial Cohesion, also presents himself as Sophie Erranteelected from Loire-Atlantique.

It is Wednesday at the end of the afternoon that a kind of primary will take place for the perch, between the partners of the majority. Then the election of the holder will have to be confirmed next Tuesday in the hemicycle, during a vote by secret ballot of all the deputies.

Yael Braun-Pivet, current Minister of Overseas and former President of the Law Commission at the Palais Bourbon, takes the risk of not being reappointed to her ministry in the event of failure on Wednesday, according to information obtained from a government source. Candidates out of a majority may also compete. This will be the case of Annie Genevard (LR), who highlights her “solid experience” in Le Figaro.

The outgoing President of the Assembly Richard Ferrand, a close friend of Emmanuel Macron, who was destined to re-enlist, bit the dust at the ballot box. “He held the Assembly in very complicated times”, greets an elected LR, worried about the mass arrival of RN and Nupes troops.

Four contenders for the presidency of the Renaissance group

Wednesday morning will be held a first internal election for the presidency of the LREM group (renamed Renaissance) which melted from 266 to 170 members at the end of the second round of the legislative elections.

Four candidates apply: Stella Dupont, Rémy Rebeyrotte, Guillaume Vuilletet and Aurore Bergé.

She was until then deputy president of the group, with Christophe Castaner, who also failed at the polls, against all odds. She comes from the right and close to the former Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer. Could she reach a consensus? “We don’t have time to argue!”, Launches a walker.

“We have a lot of candidates, but no political regulation of the subject, nobody takes care of anything except themselves”, plague one of his colleagues, annoyed … and tired, after a tough legislative campaign. “Everyone wants comfort, height of view” at the perch, he mocks.

Also choice of leaders for Modem and Horizons

There is no voting instruction or “official” candidate, whereas five years ago Emmanuel Macron got involved.

“The group needs to redefine an identity, a backbone,” notes an LREM observer. Especially since he will also have to deal with the MoDem allies and those close to Edouard Philippe d’Horizons, with nearly 50 and 30 elected representatives respectively.

These two groups will also choose their leaders on Wednesday. The outgoing boss of MoDem deputies Patrick Mignola was also defeated on Sunday. Nicolas Turquois, Elodie Jacquier-Laforge and Jean-Paul Mattei are candidates.

Other vacancies at the Palais Bourbon

Many other strategic functions at the Palais Bourbon have lost their holder: the two quaestors of the majority (deputies in charge of the management of the institution) Florian Bachelier and Laurianne Rossi, the president of the Defense Committee Françoise Dumas, the general rapporteur of the Laurent Saint-Martin budget…

“The anonymous deputy did better! The majority was beheaded. They will need very political and not techno profiles”, analyzes an old opposition driver.

While the government should also in principle be completed, “the game of giant Tetris has begun”.

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