"Who doesn’t have a beer? It seemed less harmful to me than a soda"

Luis Amaranth Perea he stopped being a technician of the Junior and on Wednesday morning he gave a press conference. The Antioqueño made it clear that there was a friendly exit and that it was the best decision for both parties: “I have given everything I am to this institution … after the game against Jaguares I I expressed the fatigue that I had to the group of players, things did not work out no matter how much we looked for solutions “.

Arturo Reyes He arrived as a replacement and has already trained with the team. Regarding the new coach, Perea said: “Know the house, I hope it goes well. You have to generate a positive context, you have to trust and then review and analyze. I hope there is a good atmosphere with the arrival”.

Apart from the performance of the team one of the issues that caused the most annoyance lately it was a video that uploaded Freddy Hinestroza. A couple of days after the draw with Tolima, the players were seen at the Junior headquarters in a asado drinking beer.

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Amaranto Perea explained this situation: “A barbecue was made, I used a beer Who doesn’t have a beer? Sometimes we take things to extremes. I give the order, I thought it was an activity to relieve tension from the group, I found it less harmful than a soda.

The coach made it clear that will take a few months off because he is mentally exhausted. Luis Amaranth Perea He’s 42 years old and the whole career ahead as a coach.

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