Who from Turin will go to the World Cup? What are the odds for passing the round

The 2022 World Cup will take place for the first time in the East and precisely in Qatar.

The 2022 World Cup will take place for the first time in the East and precisely in Qatar. It is also. of an anomalous event, since contrary to the previous ones it will take place in winter only for climatic reasons, given that in summer it is very hot in the country. Having said that, the eyes of enthusiasts from all over the world will be focused on the teams that, according to the predictions of bookmakers operating in online casinos, should win the world trophy such as, for example, Brazil, France, England, Argentina and Spain. However, for the Italians, given the absence of their team (for the second consecutive time), there will be the opportunity to admire the deeds of many players who play in our league such as, for example, those from Turin who are 5 who they will wear the colors of three teams.

The main contenders for victory

A few days before the start of the 2022 world championship, the spotlights are on some teams that are considered by forecasters to be potential winners of the event. According to the bookmakers, the average odds see several teams able to win it with Brazil at the top at 5.00, closely followed by Argentina at 6.50 and France and England both at 7.00. Spain with a share of 9.00 is, however, also indicated as a potential antagonist by best non-AAMS betting sites. The starting date of the event is set for November 20, and which will see the hosts and Ecuador face off. The final instead. will take place in Doha on 18 December. That said, it should be added that since Italy is not present (for the second time in a row), the eyes of our country’s fans will be focused on the many players who play in Serie A. Those from Turin, for example, are 5 divided into three national. Apart from the favorites, it is worth adding that some surprises could come from Holland and Belgium, as well as from the Portuguese captain Cristiano Ronaldo.

Who to watch at the World Cup?

At the now imminent World Cup, Italian fans and in particular those from Turin will look closely at the Croatian, Serbian and Swiss team, as they will present players who play in the grenade team among their ranks. In this regard, let’s see who it is, what are the personal expectations and the team in which they play and how non-AAMS bookmaker sites quote their chances of winning.


The Croatian team will face the World Cup made up of 26 men and will meet Belgium, Morocco and Canada in the qualifying round. The team has never faced Belgium in a major tournament, but has played there eight times over the years. The first match of the tournament is, however, against Morocco. The 2018 runners-up World squad had just one player from the Croatian league, while the current squad boasts eight. Having said that, apart from experts such as Luka Modrić, Marcelo Brozović and Ivan Perišić, young players are making their way and Nikola Vlasic who plays for Turin stands out among the best.

Nikola Vlasic- striker

The spearhead player of Torino is a very versatile attacking midfielder and able to often offer himself in attack. His technical baggage is enhanced by dribbling, a marked propensity for goals and an excellent shot from distance. Vlasic in Toro has scored 4 goals so far which are a bit few, but still represent a quarter of the total scored by the team from Granada. However, the fans at the World Cup will watch him carefully, hoping that he will finally break free and then be able to sound of networkscontribute to a better second part of the championship and perhaps help with his goals and assists to qualify for the Conference League which is part of the prediction of the grenade company.


Serbia, in the 2010 World Cup, successfully presented itself on the international stage despite the predictions that saw it as a Cinderella and it is for this reason that in this world championship (third appearance in the last four tournaments) it aims to do even better. Serbia has, among other things, impressed a lot during the qualifiers, winning in its group and placing itself in front of Portugal, then forcing it to the play-off won with North Macedonia, executioner of Roberto Mancini’s European champion Italy. The Serbian team he is in Group G together with Brazil, the Swiss and Cameroon and will start the tournament with the green-and-gold on November 25th and whose predictions give them as favourite. Serbia counts on doing well in the World Cup and will present itself with three players who play for Turin. The fans of the latter will watch them carefully hoping that the world showcase can contribute to their definitive explosion and perhaps help to qualify for some European competition from which the grenades have been missing for many years.

Vanya Milinkovic-Savic
Vanya Milinkovic-Savic

At the World Cup, the eyes of the grenade fans will be focused on the three players who are part of the Serbian team. Among these is the goalkeeper Vanja Milinkovic-Savic, the brother of Sergej, Maurizio Sarri’s Lazio midfielder. The excellent performances in the grenade shirt and the starting role at the next world event will invite many fans of the Piedmontese team to follow the matches of the Serbian national team.

Sasa Lukic
Sasa Lukic

The managers of Torino and Sasa Lukic’s agents have been working for a long time to renew the contract of the midfielder of the Serbian national team who will take part in the next championship tournament. Lukic will be in the spotlight of the grenade fans as he has all the credentials to become a protagonist, being one of the cornerstones of the midfield. His team in the preliminary round will have to deal with the very strong Brazil, highly favored by the forecasts, with the very regular formation of the Swiss confederation and with the African lions of Cameroon and aims to qualify for the round of 16 at least as second force in the group.

Nemanja Radonjic
Nemanja Radonjic

Nemanja Radonjic is the third Serbian player that the Turin team and its passionate fans will follow to the World Cup. Specifically, he is a midfielder with strong offensive skills even if up to now he has played just over 600 minutes in the grenade team. The hope of the fans of the total is to admire his deeds also in projection of the resumption of the championship.


The Swiss team is ready for its fifth consecutive participation in the world championship. In previous editions, the Swiss reached the quarter-finals, three times in 1934 and 1938 and in the 1954 home world championship. The Swiss team underwent a profound renewal after Stephan Lichtsteiner and Valon Behrami hung up their boots. In fact, today there are new and young faces, even if among the leading players there will be Ricardo Rodriguez, a Turin defender with a strong propensity for offensive play and who is the darling of the Granata fans. In the qualifying round, the team will face Brazil, Serbia and Cameroon. From this we can deduce that it is a group that apart from the super favorite Brazil for the second place foresees a tough battle.

Ricardo Rodríguez
Ricardo Rodríguez

Ricardo Rodriguez has become the darling of the grenade fans since he compared the derby of the Mole with that between Milan and Inter. The Swiss player played for the Rossoneri, but after his arrival in Turin he became an integral part of the glorious Piedmontese club to the point of being one of the players most appreciated by the fans and who will surely follow him closely during his Qatar world championship adventure .


There are very little left until the start of the World Cup in Qatar, whose debut includes the match between the hosts and Ecuador. There are many players who participate in the Italian Serie A championship.

Torino will even have five and therefore its fans will have the opportunity to cheer for the three teams that count them among their ranks. Their hope is that the squads of the Croatian, Serbian and Swiss teams can offer something new or better than what has been demonstrated so far in the grenade ranks and guarantee the club an exciting second part of the championship.

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