Who is Adar, leader of the Orcs in the series “The Rings of Power”?

the new series “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”, from Amazon Prime Video, reached its 4th episode last Friday (16) and has already started to raise some doubts about the origin of some characters. One of them is To give, the leader of the Orcs who have conquered the southern lands in the series’ history. After a lot of suspense over the last few episodes, we finally got to see it in more detail. But who is Adar?

Who is Adar in the series “The Rings of Power”?

First of all, it is worth noting that Adar is not a character created by JRR Tolkien, author of the saga “The Lord of the Rings”. The character was conceived by the authors of the Amazon series and that’s why fans are already creating their interpretations of the character. At least two theories have been created around Adar.

⚠️ Let’s talk about some details observed in the last episodes, so if you haven’t watched it yet, here’s the spoiler alert.

Is Adar Sauron?

Is Adar Sauron?
Is Adar Sauron?

The first theory suggests that Adar is one of the names of Sauronthe great villain of the main work of “The Lord of the Rings” and one of the most powerful generals of Morgoth, Dark Lord of the First Age of Middle-earth.

For being so powerful, Sauron is also known as a kind of shapeshifter, being able to assume any form he wants, which reinforces the physical form of Adar in the series, with an aspect much closer to the elves than the Orcs themselves. In practice, Orcs are actually elves, as in Tolkien’s mythology, they were corrupted, tortured, and maimed by Morgoth.

Although Adar’s name does not appear in Tolkien’s original work, an important factor contributing to his being Sauron is that his name means “Father” in Sindarin, an Elvish dialect. Even during the series, some Orcs call their master father.

Is Adar Maeglin?

Adar's physical form is very similar to that described by Tolkien for the elven lord Maeglin.
Adar’s physical form is very similar to that described by Tolkien for the elven lord Maeglin.

Other fans believe that Adar is not Sauron, but rather Maelin, an elf who lived during the First Age of the Sun in Middle-earth and was a lord of the hidden elven realm of Gondolin. However, he betrayed his race and revealed Gondolin’s location to the Dark Lord Morgoth. Since in the Amazon series Adar speaks the language of elves, this theory is also very strong.

The big downside to this theory is that in the original story, Maeglin was killed shortly after Morgoth’s invasion of Gondolin, so he wouldn’t be alive at the time “The Rings of Power” takes place. But it is worth remembering that we are talking about fantasy stories, where anything can happen and death does not always mean an end.

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