Who is Andréa Bescond? (The Tickles, Téva)

After a childhood abused by a “friend” of the family, chaos settles in the life of Andréa Bescond. To overcome this drama she wrote, acted and danced The Tickles. A must-see piece this Thursday, November 25 on Téva at 11 p.m.

The Tickles : before being a film that overwhelmed viewers and saw Karin Viard be awarded a Caesar in 2019, this title was that of a show of exceptional quality, which Téva airs this Thursday, November 25 at 11 p.m. The Tickles were written by Andréa Bescond. Who is this woman, born in 1979 in Brittany, whose painful story was brought to light? Andréa Bescond began dancing at the age of 3, following a classical course. In the early 1990s, she joined the Rosella Hightower International Dance School in Cannes, then the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris. Winner of the Paris International Competition (Hope Prize) in 1998, Andréa embarked on a multifaceted career as a dancer because she mastered different dance styles, which seduced renowned choreographers.

Andréa Bescond awarded several times

Andréa Bescond thus connects artistic projects: musicals like The ten Commandments, Romeo and Juliet, The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob… On the eve of the 2010s, she took to the stage, then won a nomination in the “female revelation” category of Molières for her participation in the play The 39 Steps. Six years later, Andréa Bescond was awarded a Molière for best solo on stage with the play The Tickles or the dance of anger.

The broken childhood of Andréa Bescond

This piece is his story. Andréa Bescond’s childhood was shattered when she was 8 when she was raped and sexually assaulted by a friend of her family. She then suffered traumatic amnesia by pushing back to the depths of her memory the pedophile acts that the rapist had made her suffer. And could not file a complaint until 22 years old, when she learned that he was going to become a grandfather. He was sentenced to ten years in prison, but Andréa Bescond saw horrible memories resurface and began a descent into hell. Therapy and dancing helped her to resurface. It was to overcome this drama that she wrote, acted and danced The Tickles, directed by his companion Eric Métayer. His executioner had imposed on him for years sessions of so-called “tickling“Hence the title of the play. She embodies the young Odette, but also all those who have lived through her existence, including the rapist. In the broadcast on Téva this Thursday, it is the fantastic Déborah Moreau who has taken up the torch in a breathtaking way. An essential and powerful theater, which lets out some sparks of humor to relieve the pain.

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